Try to milk tea shop before shocking

is probably in order to attract people’s attention, it may just be a person’s owner preferences, in short, now all shocking name is too many to count. Yesterday, the "small C cool mushroom in Chengdu Dacisi road found a shop called" try before marriage "milk tea shop, she photographed the store sent to micro-blog, immediately causing controversy. The name of the shop for the thunder, the majority of users said, very indecent, but more users reluctantly said: I really do not know what the shop is doing."

on the way home to see this tea shop on the spot on the coke." Yesterday, the "small C cool mushroom in Chengdu Dacisi road found a shop called" try before marriage "milk tea shop, the large-scale name made her very surprised. Subsequently, she will be a tea shop photos released on micro-blog, immediately sparked enthusiastic onlookers. Most netizens said, so the name "taste too heavy, very indecent".

users Solarmay in the wine, said: the name is a bit disgusting, creative to have, nausea on the free bar." The netizen "friends" also exclaimed: "boss, what do you want to do? Messy." The famous micro-blog "Chengdu yakingband" also believes that the name "pornographic and violent". Some users believe that the name of some unintelligible, netizen Chengdu infinite life "asked:" what is this? From the name also don’t understand."

yesterday afternoon, reporters came to the tea shop located in Dacisi Road No. 15, three 20 year old guy is busy. Ceng Weijian, one of the shopkeepers, the three of them are from Guangzhou, together with the opening of the tea shop, was officially opened in October 10th.

Ceng Weijian with strong Guangdong accent Mandarin explained that the name was borrowed from a Hongkong movie he is love, called "premarital test love", "I love this style name, creative, attractive."

the shocking win back rate is not small for the tea shop, but also let some customers away, "the door is a strange look, nobody dare to come in." Ceng Weijian said helplessly on micro-blog.

Ceng Weijian said that many customers asked the name of the origin of the door, I will not explain to them one by one, that I like it." As for the controversy on the network, he admitted that he also saw, but I do not care what they think, I only focus on my business."

it is understood that this tea shop has not yet registered. Chengdu Municipal Bureau of industry and education department director Xiong said that if the milk tea shop to pre marriage milk to register the name, according to the relevant provisions of the trade and Industry Bureau will advise the owner to change the name. But if it is just playing such a sign, it belongs to urban management.

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