What are the tips for opening a good grocery store in the countryside

shops are now all over the north and south, although the geographical location is different, people’s spending habits will be different, and the consumer economy will be different. But as long as it can meet the needs of local people, the store business often do not worry. However, due to fierce competition, therefore, if you can not grasp the relevant tips, the store’s business development will also face a lot of difficulties. In fact, the majority of rural grocery stores are similar types of goods, but the store’s business is vastly different.

successful grocery store operators do have some tricks:

clever price

in front of the grocery store to hang out 100 yuan of goods sold 90 yuan "billboards, Lao Wang has in his grocery store door hung a 100 yuan to buy 110 yuan of goods", and "100 yuan of goods sold 90 yuan" is not what the difference on the surface, seem to be playing ten percent off. In fact, the 100 yuan to buy a $110 discount is less than ten percent off, comparable to play a profit of up to 1% of the increase of ten percent off. For discount promotions, the general decline in profits, the net profit increase of 1% may be a very important number. Moreover, the ten percent off methods of 100 yuan of goods sold 90 yuan ", give consumers an intuitive feeling is" undercut prices, 100 yuan to buy 110 yuan of goods "makes people feel the improving value for money.

reasonable swing goods

in order to attract customers, toy shop owner Li Jin Hongkong’s most popular new toys. But I do not know why, to buy toys, children do not look at it, they went to the store to buy some of the more common toys.

"what is the reason?" Big Li went to the opposite toy store and came back and put the new toys on the shelves. As a result, the children rushed into the store to grab the toys. Originally, adults look the most eye-catching place, is often the children to see the dead. Different goods according to the customer base to choose the right location, it is more convenient for customers to buy.

original sales method

is known as the "Japanese rope king" Shimamura Neji to five cents per purchase a large amount of rope, and then sold to the original area of Tokyo paper bag factory, which won the "Shimamura Neji a really cheap" good reputation.

and Everfount orders, took the purchase of Shimamura subscribers said: "this is my year to buy rope receipt, this year, I also did not earn a penny you, after long time, I had to go bankrupt." For the integrity of the subscriber by Shimamura, willing to price increase of five cents shimamura. Shimamura and holding the customer purchase delivery business documents found: "a year, I did not earn a penny, just for you.

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