Learn these 13 customers can not refuse you

1. if the customer says, "I don’t have time!" Then the salesman should say, "I understand. I don’t have enough time. But in 3 minutes, you will believe that this is a very important issue for you……"

2. if the customer says, "I’m not free now!" The salesman should have said, "Sir, Rockefeller, the richest man in the United States, said it was important for him to spend one day a month on money and work for 30 days! It’s only 25 minutes! Trouble you to set a date, choose a convenient time for you! I will be near your company on Monday and Tuesday, so I can call on you on Monday morning or Tuesday afternoon!"

3. if the customer says: "I’m not interested." Then the salesman should say: "yes, I understand, for a no data on what to believe or do things, of course you can not immediately interested, there is reasonable doubt is a very natural question, let me explain to you about it a few weeks, right?……"

4. if the client says: "I’m not interested in attending!" Then the salesman should say: "I understand, sir, it is difficult to what you don’t know something of interest. It is for this reason that I would like to report or explain to you personally. Would you like to come and see you on Monday or Tuesday?"

5. if the customer says: "please send the information to me?" Then the salesman should have said: "Sir, our data is designed to outline and draft, must cooperate with the staff, but also to every customer according to personal circumstances do revision, is tailored. So it’s better if I come to see you on Monday or Tuesday. Do you think it’s better to wait in the morning?"

6. if the customer says: "sorry, I have no money!" Then the salesman should say, "Sir, I know you’re the only one who knows his financial situation. However, now to help a comprehensive plan for the future will be the most favorable! Can I come over on Monday or Tuesday?" Or "I know. After all, there are not many people who want to have what, because of this, we are now beginning to choose a way to use the least money to create the maximum profit, which is not the best guarantee for the future? In this regard, I would like to contribute, can the next Wednesday, or on the weekend to meet you?"

7. if the client says: "we are still not sure what the business is going to be." Then the salesman should have said: "Sir, we have to worry about the marketing business days after the development, first you refer to, look at the advantages of our capabilities where is not feasible. Is it better for me to come on Monday or Tuesday?"

8. if the client says, "if you want to make a decision, I need to talk to my partner first!" Then the salesman should say, "I fully understand, sir, when we can talk to your partner."

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