Jewelry store purchase matters needing attention

now in the development of the commodity industry like a raging fire in the market, more and more people do investment projects for the jewelry store, jewelry store, in the business process will inevitably have to purchase, the following summary of jewelry shop purchase consideration, investment managers must pay attention to:

1. purchase cycle: small adorn article is updated small items, so the purchase cycle is relatively short. Can be considered a day or the next day to buy, at least to ensure that once a week.

2. purchase: according to the financial strength, sales and.

3. purchase channels: large wholesalers, Guangdong, Zhejiang and other places of the wholesale market accessories are abundant species; there is also a part of the purchase directly from manufacturers there; sometimes manufacturer update is not so fast, can be considered in the online wholesale, online product update quickly, can closely follow the trend, more competitive. But also to save a lot of traffic.

4. purchase, to fully consider the needs of customers. First of all, to let the market experience of the procurement staff to purchase, they feel the jewelry market as a whole and consumer preferences more accurate. Secondly, we often go to the jewelry wholesale market, understand market trends. Third, the business, the sales staff to communicate with consumers frequently, and to understand the customer needs timely feedback. Finally, you should also read newspapers, magazines, TV programs and so on.

ideal inventory: according to experience, the initial purchase of 20 thousand to $30 thousand, you can store about 20 square meters. And then "two into one" (ie: to maintain a monthly total of $20 thousand store jewelry, an average of $10 thousand per month).

jewelry shop purchase should take into account the purchase cycle, purchase volume, purchase channels and so on each aspect, in fact about the purchase is a lot of knowledge, as a jewelry shop purchase master skills is very necessary. The above summary on the opening of the jewelry store need to pay attention to several aspects, investors need to grasp.

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