Novices earn more than 400 dollars in the first month of making junk English Blogs

I was in 2 at the end of this year to come into contact with the owners of this industry, fortunately I started under the guidance of friends began to create one of their own station group, friends said, now the group station, especially English station is king, and tell me English station and Chinese station of the difference much of that time, I didn’t understand that they are ten or more times the difference, at that time I was already set to do English website.

friends do GG a good monthly income of $more than 1000, all on the garbage English station, at that time there were no so-called Chinese stations, if there is only love the polymerization of this software, I will not say more. But the English station group system is also only a small number of experts know, and now is also little-known, it is "wprobot", this software does not know many people, but the effect is surprisingly good. I paid more than 1000 yuan for my friend to buy it. After I bought the software, I was really excited all night. One night I couldn’t sleep at all. I just sat down and sat in front of the computer to study the station. At that time, the station group is still a relatively vague concept, unlike the industry now is so mature.


a month every day I day and night, do have about more than 40, because all is automatically updated, so it is not effortless, and I also make friends to help buy a WriteAgian for $50. It is the function of automatic pseudo original, I did not know what is the use of this software, thanks to a webmaster friends patiently explained to me, just as the door.

the back of the day is very boring, but in order to make money to support myself, I have to work from dawn to dusk, day and night, the first month of time basically is to do the station, then go around the chain. A station Baidu included the longest time is 20 days (when the speed, speed, Google now) more cattle, 3 days included (now speed), of course, we do not use Baidu English station, mainly by google.

my Google account are friends, he is said to have more than a dozen GG account, there are several received money, I not hesitate to accept, in April after a month of unremitting efforts, I finally have a $more than 400 account. Let me take a look at my income chart for June:


now I have about more than 70 garbage in English, the income has also improved a lot, here I give you a brief talk about how to operate this project:

first, the choice of procedure, that is what to do with the garbage English station, DEDE, or a new cloud, I chose to use the WordPress, it seems to me that it’s conversion rate is the highest, so I choose love it, with its website click rate is generally in the one percent to three percent.

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