Page tour webmaster must see your industry should be so development


web games for online games does have a glorious history of their own, the operation and development of globalization makes many people feel that this is a bottomless gold treasure, so many enterprises began to operate the land, marketing, promotion, development and so on, for a time Webpage Game became the essential choice of rest. But the passage of time, the peak in the web game era has quietly ended, a few years ago to dominate the world momentum slowly decline. But lean camel is bigger than a horse, familiar with Webpage Game webmaster all know, the development of Webpage Game too fast, too many types, which leads to the post bubble. This kind of surplus phenomenon is the serious driving, the page tour turns to extreme, causes the page traveling development to enter a bottleneck condition.

page travel market is not standardized, many games are here to stir up a pool of muddy water, people can not see, the collapse of many small workshops is this is the original chaos It is often seen., peace Webpage Game industry, make a lot of initial contact with the game player difficult, naturally will be abandoned by the game player; Webpage Game products of all kinds of games are too rich, jumbly, entered the game with excess phenomenon is serious, which lead to serious game player don’t know what to choose, is to play it with the rise, the excitement is over, "directly thrown into the rubbish bin", this case estimates that every game player had once, spend a lot of time and energy, has become the past, the bully. The technical constraints, Webpage Game with convenient and rapid and significant, because the game client bear all for server operators caused by the huge cost of inputs, technology can not match the client. These are great pressures on page tours.

how to make web games will sometimes rise in the ride the wind and waves, a situation of tripartite confrontation of the E era, let Webpage Game in the future development direction to seize the opportunity, it needs to give full play to the advantages of Webpage Game, adding some chemical reaction catalyst, advantage of the pursuit of new breakthroughs. Here are three main reasons why page tour can still be done from three aspects.

first, web games are really the future trends. No matter how the game itself changes, there are people in the industry who say: "the future of the game is 3D world.". How to solve this life and death event, there are many hardware and software limitations, which is the direction of the page tour must attack. In addition, continue to play the advantages of their own resources, compared the user’s machine configuration problems, the problems in the region of the main game player of the game market confusion, restraint, let the market order, has introduced a fine game, created to maximize product upgrades. Seize the game player heart, the future direction is to leave Webpage Game, also need to progress in cooperation with mobile resources, whether in the mobile network in a bowl of soup, is a very critical issue, but not with the concept of Mobile Games confusion.

second, to build the loyalty of players. Is to seize the taste of the players, here we need to make it clear, it is difficult for us to develop more users, expand publicity, launch experience activities, to create a certain amount of play

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