Network marketing classic twelve points

of small and medium-sized enterprises is small, can be used for advertising, publicity funds are limited, so in the traditional media, it is difficult and the financial strength of the "big brother" in a relatively high, at most do some obscure small ads or ads marketing effect is not easy to come out. With the Internet, SMEs have a cheap marketing tool. With the popularity of Internet technology, it covers more and more audiences, and skilled online marketing skills of small and medium enterprises will be more like a duck in water.

1      content is kingly

for enterprise website, the content is not much, in essence, would rather spend half an hour to write an article, do not spend a minute to copy other web site articles. If you sell products, the product description on the website should be detailed, the pictures should be clear, and the relevant knowledge of the product must be there. We can look at the station on his only picture and price, details, specifications and other details are not, since it is selling products for the content of the website can attract users to keep the click of a mouse, allowing users to become customers is the purpose.

2    simple and practical for the best

is a corporate Web site does not need gorgeous interface, do not need gorgeous opening animation enterprise website with gorgeous personality is not reflected, the site must be simple and practical, the information as much as possible transfer to the user, but also take for example, you can know that his home is dynamic. It looks somewhat nice, but you know, dynamic website Baidu included up is relatively slow, and the opening speed is also slow, when someone when browsing the web, no one is willing to wait, you can not open open the other, in other words your potential customers will not say so. The site, to be practical, to know the user to access your website website not good-looking, see information seeking business opportunities.

3      detail decides success or failure;

many sites in some seemingly trivial errors often expose its major shortcomings, these problems may not seem serious, even not worth mentioning, but practical experience shows that in the overall function of the website about the case, the details are often determine whether a website is the real key effective. This is the details of network marketing winning rule.

4    everybody firewood, flame high

can only achieve satisfactory results when most people in the enterprise participate in network marketing, especially when the marketing funds for SMEs are limited. Market personnel, sales staff, customer service staff, senior managers are for different levels of quasi customers, and actively convey the core values of the enterprise, which is the inevitable trend of SME network marketing development.


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