Talking about the growing pains of movie station

movies can change life. Maybe the plot in the movie is very rich. Maybe a lot of people are looking forward to the life in the story. Slowly, people use computers to watch online movies and become a part of life. I have a movie station for a long time, but also made a few fellow buddies, we all tell the movie station is not so good now, as before, I’ll give you an analysis, why not do it,


first, content repetition rate is too high, resulting in search engine punishment

remember last month, I wrote an article called the movie stand cheats a green hand article, which also wrote. Because the CMS system do not stand, and template flooding, every day we collected the same film, which caused a lot of clone station, this station will punish Baidu, saying the same thing as one day, you look upset?

second, advertising revenue low,

someone will say, put the first video, popups, temptation click, plus GG, Baidu theme, what, 10000IP, 100 bucks a day is easy.

indeed, every ten thousand IP, can be 100 dollars, but how many people can one day ten thousand IP? According to my projections should be less than 1, which is more than ten thousand IP movie station, accounted for only 10% of the total film station, and some advertising alliance deduction amount is serious, low price of Baidu GG theme poor, etc.. According to a Baidu’s friend said, Baidu on the pop-up station will not be too friendly, because the movie station will generally put the window that is dumpster, of course if the weight of the high film station may this aspect will be relatively small.

third, heavy workload, more pay, less harvest,

someone looked at the title, will jump out immediately, said the movie station is the easiest, backstage generally have a key collection, ten movies 20 minutes to get.

but don’t forget that I mentioned earlier, the consequences of doing so will cause the repeat station, so I recommend you to manually update, if not updated manually collected after the story must be changed, and more than 200 words to a few more plot portals, click on OK polymerization. But the workload is also very large, but there are many friends updated manually every day, but Baidu has not received, the snapshot does not update, this is also a common occurrence.

fourth, first step Manpanjieshu

this step wrong is unpredictable, for example, changed the TITLE led to Baidu hair plucking. With the IP server, someone was punished and compromised. Wait。

, for example: this two Skynet police check very strict, forums, ah, video, and so on must be checked, may be related to the recent situation in china. A friend of mine put several ethical films on his website, and now it’s blocked and the consequences are serious. Maybe that station will disappear on the Internet forever. Of course, he’s a little bit taken, too

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