Websites need an era of innovation

I’m a new station owner. I don’t have much experience, but I still want to talk about my views on the website today.

I recently began to do the webmaster, can be said to be rookie in the rookie, so often on A5 to see other webmaster experience, learning and learning. Website is important content, and many elements of the original site, it is easy for users to favor. My website, "I burn Web", its main purpose is to promote blog, let more people write, more people go to see. However, such a thing will be reduced or no original content exists. So it’s difficult for my website to develop.

do SEO, or do other web site promotion, or no other web site so easy, so let me very depressed.

, but that’s not what I want to say. I want to talk about the development of the website. Innovation is now the site of the lack of things, there are many sites are copying other web things, not much innovation. For the profitability of the site, in fact, also need innovation, we have come to this era, can not rely solely on advertising to make money, in 2009 should consider some new methods. For my website, has been in the new, every day I am considering new network marketing model, although it has not yet thought, but I believe will find a good way. If you think of a new profit model in this turbulent time next year, you’ll probably be the bellwether, and that’s not to say profit.

This is my idea

relatively simple, there are many immature place, so I have a long way to go, to succeed the webmaster to give advice.

my website: I burn web

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