Product analysis Reflections on experience and profitability

seek product entry new products in the process of learning, analysis of virgin products, hope that the products we can tidianyijian.

beep beep (hereinafter referred to as B station) is a barrage video website created in 2009. The unique barrage allows users to interact, and other users to express their views while watching the video; providing a more realistic and real-time exchange of feelings, so the B station also has a more powerful than traditional video site stickiness. With its unique use experience and timely and diversified video content, B station has become the largest barrage video sharing website and ACG culture and tide cultural exchange community in china.

this article tries to analyze the product from the following points.

first, functional architecture

two, market analysis,

three, user analysis,

four, product experience and recommendations (master station)

five and conclusion

, function structure

takes the IOS client at B station as an example,

two, market analysis,

main selection of the main station video content, hand travel and live broadcast of the three B stations, the main products to analyze their respective market conditions.

1, video content

According to iResearch

commercial organizations to provide the data show that in 2016, China pan two dimensional user (six months hand browse once young to a non animation or comics) has reached 270 million people, while in 2017 this figure is expected to exceed 300 million. Moreover, considering the high stickiness of the two dimensional related market for users and the growth of China’s young population, the scale of China’s Pan two dimensional market will be even larger.

of course, although B stands in the market size and market potential, but in the field of vertical video products, B station is still facing this very fierce market competition pattern. AcFun, for example, stands for B, the biggest rival for A in the vertical video world. The first person as the ACG vertical video website, A station from NicoNico in Japan, the first time the concept of video barrage into the country and there was A stand alone big situation. Although in recent years, because of management and other reasons, A station has not found a good direction of development, but it is still the direct competitor of B station in this field.

at the same time, along with the B station gradually from a single ACG network to a barrage of video website development and the two dimension market becomes more and more important, the traditional video website will intensify their roots in this field. So, how is the traditional and rich video website will have to think about the competition.

2, game intermodal

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