Webmasters have to learn the concept of website cluster

a website, two hours a day for several months, but 10 thousand IP. 10 thousand IP, but the monthly income is only a few thousand dollars. Also carries the risk of being Baidu K at all times.

we have in mind the concept of website group, a website to do day 1000IP, to the old webmaster say, too easy, but a month to do it, the fierce point of two weeks on it. Think。 The 10 site is 10 thousand IP. The 100 site is 100 thousand IP, 100 thousand IP what is the concept?. This means that your monthly income will be above 20 thousand RMB, and it will work, and it will break through to 50 thousand RMB.

let’s check 100 the cost of the website, the first 100 domain.Cn (.Cn meters is not as you said not to be optimistic about Baidu) 100, 100 virtual host, access 1000-3000IP no problem is enough. We choose quarterly payment here, usually around 150 yuan. 100 sites are 15000RMB a year (must be on a different server, because everyone should understand, so do not recommend the rental server), count down, a total of 15100 of the money invested. Some people will ask, I have only one person, how can I maintain my 100 websites? Simple. By the way, tell you how to avoid the risk of money investment.

, let’s start with 10-20 websites. This will be more than 1000 RMB, and then take 1-2 months to do it. Make every station stand above 1000IP. How do I do not speak much, I am here only to talk about how to maintain, the first batch for the collection of thousands of articles 10-20 websites, this may have to spend a night in order to fix, and then spend 3 hours a day to update a website, take 10-20 minutes to complete, can be modified before acquisition of the article for the original about 5 articles, note that the title there must contain the keyword, or your traffic will not come so fast. 1-2 months later, your 10-20 websites have started to make a profit. More than 1000 RMB has made a profit. Then use the money to invest in the next 10-20 websites. Of course, previous sites can not be lost, you can only increase your time updates. It is tired, and so on, website more and more slowly, a person busy, you can please, keep them updated website, over the past 1 years, so you unremittingly website is K, even if you have a new website, because you are not on the same server. Baidu K station will not suddenly bring you all the website K.

on the end, the webmaster want to do website group, have to stop there are new web site produce. Keep updating hundreds of websites.

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