What did the website bring to me

I pushed the net to the station today. What did you bring to me? Tell me the truth. Everything has sweet, bitter and bitter taste. It is a bittersweet ah, but that my PR value is 2. Rank is 2 million. On the other hand, what can I say about it? Success? Progress? I see nothing. And I should have paid more than that. Perhaps many webmaster will ask me, you exactly want to say what? I’m just a word, your web site to you what? You can ask yourself,


I used a lot of promotion methods to promote their website, almost did not run to Baidu, GOOGLE, YAHOO there to gift. I don’t think they’ll accept it. Ha ha,

I use promotion methods have the following points,

. navigation site landing. For a small flow, visibility is not high web site, navigation website can give you more traffic than the search engine and other methods.:

http://s.hao123.com ranked 274 in the world, visible flow of large

http://s.265.com ranked 9705 in the world, traffic is also quite large,

http://s.k365.com ranked 4754 in the world. Meiping is also very large

http://s.my256.net personalized navigation traffic is also good,

http://s.wujiweb.com wonderful site traffic is also very large,

http://s.cnww.net China Web site ranked 1291 in the world, very good,

(two) friendship connection, friendship connection can give a web site to bring stable passenger flow. It also helps to rank sites like GOOGLE and other search engines.

talk about friendship connection, it is best to connect some flow higher than yourself, a well-known site. Once again, and their content complementary sites. And then similar sites, similar sites to ensure that the quality of the content of their own web site to have characteristics, and can attract people, otherwise it is better than not chain similar sites.

yesterday, I gave a client website, do more friendship connection, just begin, its stationmaster feels to destroy art, so do not like to do. But, after my analysis, he tried to do a few. For only two days, the statistics show the effect of the friendship connection. Ha ha,


sites do not only beautiful, especially on commercial sites, must be practical technology first, followed by appearance. Suddenly think of a beautiful, but a year development reached about 400000 daily traffic to the website,

in addition, many of my friends’ websites, though not pretty, and some are ugly, are actually bringing money to them. Ha ha, please remember this website design idea, practical first.

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