Store your users in QQ space


how much is your website traffic? Maybe a lot, but how much is your site turnover rate and how much is it?. This should be a lot of SEO is relatively weak place. Pure pursuit of traffic, is more lost than good. As a saying goes, "the cost of developing a new user is far higher than maintaining an older user."". Your website has countless visitors every day, these people left without coming back. Have you ever thought that if you can make use of these users, the payoff will be great?.

has many ways of storing users, and today it’s about using QQ space to store users. The first QQ space must be certified, in addition to look more formal, QQ space is a very important plug-in is "concern", like micro-blog, as long as the attention of your people, even if not add you as a friend, you can update a space, he saw in his QQ space. Everyone should know how much QQ space viscosity, and some people will look at their own space all the time the latest developments.


QQ space certification is very simple, we search ourselves will be able to solve. After the certification is not concerned about the amount, this time we have to use their website. Create a space for attention and put it on a prominent spot on your site. Even guidance, it is necessary to induce users to click attention. Don’t worry too much, it will not affect the user too much, so the influence is very small. The effect is negligible when you pass a passer-by into a permanent audience of yours.


maybe this is a very simple action, but this action is very good for you to accumulate users. If you maintain your space, often release some useful to the user, which is conducive to reprint articles. Well, even if space doesn’t depend on your website, you can add new users. A good essay can be passed on indefinitely. In this way, you get unconditional access to many passive users. What a once in a while thing. Guo Hanyu original, reprinted Annotated:

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