Share the experience of failing to run a web site

first said: I run a website: Affandi movie network, toad movie network, donkey movie network, English station, Witkey network, Chinese network technology, network shopping. But failed.A5 is the webmaster to share the successful experience, I would share with you the site management experience of failure.

one. Follow the trend, the site does not have a good theme, direction

I run these sites, we can be very straightforward to see that the site theme is not new, basically a few years ago there is no prospect of the site. Of course, if you think these sites are still rich, you can go on. I think the above type of website is too much on the internet. I run the movie site, more than 1 months to earn 8 yuan advertising fees, then earned the flow of advertising alliance. Well, even though I tried my best, I went to Liaoning to put up the advertising code. Well, now think about it, deeply ashamed. Because my film site more than 1 months, and Baidu still included a home page. Search for ethical movies, or QVOD movies, or the latest movies, and my website is so dark that I can’t even see them. So, flow is very stable at 30IP/ days. Just from the Internet as a movie, my website in just a single particle in the thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers. Not what features, many webmaster is to download the source code from the Internet, to collect Youku resources or QVOD resources, stereotyped, watching a movie website Baidu every day to collect the same content. Really it’s not the slightest sense of fresh. Finally, I make an average of a few cents a day, and I simply quit. Well, feeling like an industry without money, is it necessary to stick to it,


two. Hot headed, with a short hot business website

I listen to

QQ says business waste site can make money, so I will fall into the business of 3, but operating after the discovery, RMB is very difficult to make, in addition to advertising union buckle quantity, like me one day dozens of IP buckle, a day can earn a few penny. No matter which website I run, I rely on a lot of hot energy to do that kind of thing. Yes, but after I finish, I find that the hot feeling of the impulse has vanished into thin air. Hey, so, warn your brothers and friends, no matter what kind of website you are, be sure to investigate


market or outlook. If you don’t have 80% certainty, it’s better not to waste your time, money and energy. You might as well call CS to kill time.

three. There is no effective means of publicity and planning,

building a lot of sites, I take the means is to the major QQ group to send, because I added more than 100 groups before, and then send a paragraph of attractive words, plus web link to propaganda. During the period, Ali Wangwang also has a lot of groups, I’ve also been there publicity, but was reported, Ali Wangwang was the title. Well, the number of registered 07 years is so called

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