How to do a good job in WeChat marketing


marketing is not the fresh thing, many businesses also let micro-blog many grassroots groups have got a lot of business opportunities, more people use micro-blog to get a pot of gold in life, many people earning a million dollars a year have not thought about before, but the Internet, micro-blog has made many people realize the year into a million dreams, or in the form of a sideline. The arrival of WeChat platform, let enterprises let grassroots once again spin a WeChat marketing boom. In the face of more and more of this platform, enterprise how to stand out in many WeChat in September 7th? The speed transit online Salon: "new blue ocean" hosted by WeChat marketing, Ding Tao guest: well-known master Guan Peng, WeChat marketing expert Ma Jiabin, "stationmaster" magazine a small lake to share. How do enterprises do a good job in WeChat marketing? How to use WeChat platform to do marketing?.

1 and "opinion leaders" marketing strategy

entrepreneur, enterprise executives are opinion leaders, their view has a strong radiation force and penetration, has a significant impact on the public rhetoric, imperceptibly changing people’s consumption concept, influence people’s consumption behavior. WeChat marketing can effectively use the influence of opinion leaders, and WeChat’s own powerful influence to stimulate demand and stimulate the desire to buy. Such as millet founder Lei Jun, is the best "opinion leader type" marketing strategy. Lei Jun use their micro-blog powerful fans, Sina released some information about the millet mobile phone simple, it has attracted a lot attention millet mobile phone broadcast and comments, to know how consumers think in the comments, the consumer needs of the heart.

2 and viral marketing strategy

WeChat’s immediacy and interactivity, visibility, influence, and borderless communication are particularly suited to viral marketing strategies. WeChat platform mass function, you can effectively shoot the enterprise video, produced pictures, or propaganda text sent to WeChat friends. Enterprises are more conducive to the form of two-dimensional code to send preferential information, which is an economical and affordable, more effective promotion of a good model. More customer initiative for enterprise publicity, stimulate the "beer effect", the product and service information spread to the Internet, as well as every corner of life. With said Sina has applied his WeChat two-dimensional code, more businesses have their own brands or products for the first time, WeChat filed a two-dimensional code, whether WeChat said two-dimensional code "viral marketing



3, "video, pictures" marketing strategy

analysis using the rich content of the video, a graph in micro-blog click rate, passionate, intelligent, fascinating, and connotation of kuso video, pictures popular degree is very high. Remember being on the most popular list of video Youtube, "does it suck?" that’s a problem." Video, a home called "Tom"

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