Local forum site 25 days post volume amounted to 800 posts

wrote the origin of the forum domain name in early October and uploaded the forum program in October 12th. Forum opened, because the operation is a different city forum, so there is no local friends. After more than 20 days of hard work, Baidu and Google now have more than 100 pages. The forum has also amassed the first loyal members. Normal during the day, at the same time online more than 10 members, in recent days, the amount of BBS posting continues to grow. Today reached 903 posts.

is now doing a lot of local forums, the most difficult is the initial stage of the forum. Let me talk to you about what I’ve done these days, for your reference.

I built the Yangzhou local forum, the forum called Yangzhou flowers Forum (http://s.bbs.huamanlou.com). The forum has just been built, without any popularity, and Baidu has not included it. Like a deserted desert island in the network of the ocean. How to do it? Because it’s a new upload forum, and even if anyone sees it, no one wants to leave it. After thinking, I did.

1, section settings. A lot of talk about the forum, the article suggested that at the beginning do not open too many sections, it is easy to spread popularity, it is recommended to build only three or four sections. I beg to differ. This is a new forum, if only three or four sections, and no reputation and special content. Why should tourists stay in this forum?. Why not go to other places where there are more content forums? So I built about twenty sections.

2, QQ group to search the Internet Yangzhou QQ people. What’s now QQ search can only be like a day with dozens of people. And adding QQ is not good, many people are not interested in the forum.

3, talk about free for their business edition, let them in to your forum post, forum content rich. At present only on the Internet to find the two wedding photography opened a special edition, because I was not in Yangzhou at present, so it is not convenient, to have certain popularity in Yangzhou, a full-time staff to be responsible for the talk about business cooperation.

4, submitted to search engines, which of course is indispensable.

5, as much as possible, adhere to the forum every day to write one or two original posts. Personally feel the best content can have more than five hundred or six hundred words.

6, Baidu Yangzhou, other local forum links on Yangzhou flowers in character signature in. Proper thread.

7, the establishment of forums, members of the group into the group, chat with them to cultivate feelings. Cultivate oil in this way.

effects, disgusted Zhewu: because Riga said QQ members are not interested in what the forum, so I went to the Yangzhou forum for other active members to send text messages to tell them that Yangzhou has a new forum, inviting them to have come around, interested.

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