A female community webmaster to BBS promotion immature view

altar community development is also very much, such as the city classified information like BBS promotion: from national to local, big cities to small and medium-sized cities, professional type steering bbs!.. But if only from a forum development to a local portal, first of all on the momentum can not pressure others, the following talk about their own opinions:

1, to do local forum community, first of all, the webmaster has his own local community forum potential analysis and development program. In a simple way, whether it is using forums or portals, the first place to make local fame, local features, so that the whole city life people know the entire web site or forum. The method is very extensive. Such as Chengdu Chengdu spicy community on-line feeling is to do a lot of advertising, whether online or offline, now Chongqing city people all know there is a big change net not only because it is the QQ site, he really played a "brand". And the implementation is also complete, renting, trading, recruiting, news, decorating, property, etc.;

2, strong cooperation, BBS promotion online is an aspect, offline also part. Make a "brand", in cooperation with the media, have a good chance! Now Chengdu Chengdu spicy community should be all about is Telecom’s "Chongqing hotline", Netcom’s "sunshine online" newspaper’s "Hualong net", cooperated with them, even if it is a website advertising. A Links, should bring good results;

3, the nature of the local station, such as Tianya, Forum promotion is very good, now already contains almost convenience functions so far more than it is now popular all know the world, the convenience of information release is of course not less, can learn from their advertising or flow;

4, do a good job early Forum promotion, traffic, ranking is also very important,

5, in the early days of the forum, we must update the information, find out more people and customers who are suitable for this kind of website, and try to keep them.

community forums to promote a variety of ways, these five points are summed up some of their immature views, we hope that criticism and advice. Tired, bitter, bored, come to the real life community http://s.bbs.yz-life.cn, relax a mood.

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