Market capitalization of 760 million interpretation of the world’s largest picture trading website



Shutterstock is a commercial picture online trading website, founded in 2003 and headquartered in New York, USA. Listed on the NYSE in October 11, 2012, the current market capitalization of about $760 million.

first take a brief look at some intuitive data on the Shutterstock website:


10:Shutterstock site supports 10 languages;

150: active users in more than 150 countries;

10000: the number of new pictures is more than 10 thousand per day;

35000: content (including pictures, illustrations, videos, etc.) supply side exceeds 35 thousand;

550000: paying customers over 550 thousand;

20000000: pictures totaling more than 20 million;

250000000: the total number of downloads more than 250 million times.

this article will be from the reputation model, competitive advantage (moat), investment risk, growth strategy, financial interpretation and valuation of six aspects, the main points include:

business model: contact the ends of the supply and demand of the electronic Gallery, become the platform of online trading, and share with the supply side;

charging mode: a mass profit model characterized by subscriptions and on-demand customization, requiring customers to pay in advance and providing stable cash flow for operations;

competitive advantage: content accumulation and cash flow are sufficient, etc.;

investment risk: homogeneous competition, localization challenge and narrow space for price increase;

growth strategy: strengthening localization, expanding institutions, large customers and new types of electronic content, etc.;

financial interpretation: increased revenue from customers and paid downloads prompted rapid growth in revenues and profits;

business model

Shutterstock is the essence of the use of the Internet channel platform, with both supply and demand: the picture supplier (photographer, illustrator, photographer etc.) to upload content (including pictures, illustrations, video and pictures) to Shutterstock, the demand side (commercial customers, marketing agencies, media organizations and pictures of the demand of the long tail users) to Shutterstock for the pictures.

The characteristics of

Shutterstock to attract suppliers worldwide, high paying users upload pictures and real time feedback and online community; attract demand side means including high quality pictures, authorized by the superior search.

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