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I do not born, do stand only to personal hobbies, I think there are many webmaster is like me, not too much time blindly. On the website, so do the station I choose very carefully, before the station just to study interest, source, occasionally hanging GG and Ali advertising, but always not in the long run, at least let me come back out of the custody fee.

I also consulted a lot of information, visit many predecessors, but still can not get satisfactory answers, what can a short time successfully, and live a long time, want to make picture stand, do the mainstream QQ space station, the station information, but the qualification requires a lot of energy on the site, so give up today, talk about the main ideas to do local station.

A few days ago in

Admin5 has seen a lot of people published on local station article, do some local recruitment, some local forums, some home things like QQ group evolved, I think for our personal webmaster, we must do what, to what you can put how much money, how much energy, how much time on this site, and then consider the direction of your site.

recruitment station: this publicity efforts are great, but the time required to pay a lot, so do not suggest that there is no time for individual owners to consider this aspect of thinking.

Forum: the forum is currently accessible, but easy to encounter bottlenecks, etc. after you finished your a circle of friends, come back to find that only ten people in your Forum irrigation, this latter part of the development, and the search included has great influence. The local forum, must from the start plate partition must be from local services, local characteristics of the requirements and the number of posts is not much, but you this forum how much better, how much is the rate of return.

SNS: This is the community speculation relatively strong pattern, may also be the driving force in the future of the Internet market, home of the dis program to do good, oh I’m not to advertise his home, but the current domestic SNS program does not find a few, the first use, but also can the integration of the dis forum, there is such a convenient, Why not?. Do this, the promotion of local QQ group is necessary, first pull popularity, other things can be said.

information portal category: This is not too recommended, after all, our personal Adsense power is not strong enough to where?. Said so much, do local station to remember to do. The younger brother sends the article for the first time, what has not arrived, asks your expert to advise.

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