How to increase the user experience of reprinted websites

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search engine has been advocated to improve the user experience, the site of the station if the user experience is high, not only can get the weight of Baidu promotion, but also enhance the website user viscosity, improve the conversion rate, enhance the flow of benefits. The contents of the Internet more than billions, you don’t need to write original sometimes acquired user experience will be better than the original site. Today we will introduce how to improve the user experience of the reproduced type website.

in Baidu to improve the original site today, reprinted sites may also do it?. Baidu’s Lee in the webmaster open day answer the webmaster question, once mentioned, "Baidu does not care about originality, only care about this article can give users value."." So, as long as visitors can bring value to the website or article, Baidu will think this article or this site is of high quality. There are hundreds of millions of websites, articles, resources, a lot of people can not see, resulting in a waste of resources, sometimes reproduced can improve the degree of attention, let people to understand one thing or one thing from another. Therefore, to do reprint type of website can not be said to be of no value.

if you want to make one, we can provide the value of the site, if your writing is not very good, if you have no more if they are set up wise remark of an experienced person, if to do so, a resource integration class website reprint is a good strategy.


transfer station in the end what is the value? The article inside the station on the Internet can find, who will feel valuable? In fact, a lot of resources on the Internet, basically can original things have been very few, what experience, what knowledge ah, now basically is pseudo original the writing is good, re editing, writing is not good, change change head tail, most with some of their own words, is a high quality pseudo original articles, the original thought did not change. There may be new ideas, but certainly not. Some people think that writing is some original point of view, I think that should be something on the Internet, you did not find.

has some advantages and disadvantages in doing the resource integration station:

advantages: integration of resources do not own to stand hard to write articles, especially for those good webmaster, and reproduced some large professional website editor to write the article, the readability of the article and the significance of this paper can clearly express. And it can make some articles that are excellent and people don’t pay attention to. Through the different types of small sites, so that users access to information and knowledge costs reduced. If a website is reproduced, but the articles are carefully selected and classified into good classes. Then, the user experience of this site is likely to be high, and may be higher than those that do exclusively. And customer conversion rate will be very high. As long as the user experience up, but also afraid of no traffic,


disadvantage: the resource integration station mentioned here is not >

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