Do not know just master Encyclopedia

before looking for an East, more time is Baidu once, since Baidu encyclopedia, Interactive Encyclopedia such encyclopedic product out. Found to be detailed and quick understanding of a Dongdong, Wikipedia down a more direct.

because write network promotion blog, contact a lot of new people to do network promotion, many new people on the network promotion of some terms are not very understanding. For example, what is "UV", what is "advertising alliance", what is "SEO" is still unknown. Let me have a webmaster class Wikipedia website idea. To do their own personal website and promotion experience needs, to collect some internet work friends, most often want to know some of the webmaster class Encyclopedia information. So my new website was born: is not the first webmaster encyclopedia class web site, earlier I saw a webmaster Encyclopedia website. Just feel that the other side of the collection of some webmaster entry, a bit biased technology, more suitable for learning website program people to see. Not suitable for more people who have access to Internet work. So I do my own product ideas to do the same name, but different content of the webmaster Encyclopedia website.


site has not been available for many days and is not very rich. In the early days, I built 6 entry categories. We are introduced to each of the 6 categories of meaning, including what content of the entry.

classification 1: website promotion terminology

is mainly related to website traffic and promotion of some nouns. For example, "UV", "Alexa", "friendship link",

, "SEM", and so on. It’s very helpful for newcomers to contact the internet.

classification 2: well-known grassroots webmaster

is some of the industry do relatively good personal Adsense introduction. In China, there are thousands of W people on personal websites, just like a Pyramid. And really do better, and can make money only in the tip of Pyramid people. This classification is to introduce you to some excellent individual webmaster. For example, Guo Jijun, Wang, Dong Qinfeng, and so on, excellent grassroots webmaster.

classification 3: advertising alliance introduced

regardless of personal website to make money, enterprise website to promote, and advertising alliance will be connected. So this column focuses on some of the big and small advertising leagues in the country, as well as some of the league’s advertising terms. For example: Qihoo advertising Ali mother advertising alliance (Alliance CPS term) CPC (Alliance term)

classification 4:IT celebrity

this category is mainly to introduce the Internet industry in large and medium-sized Web site high-level. Even done the Internet industry, it is necessary to know the industry’s most cattle B people?. Chen? Zhang Zhaoyang? If these people you do not know who is, don’t say he is mixed internet.

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