finally have my own website

is a very happy thing to do website, I think so.

this month, I finally made my first website, and although the process was difficult, I enjoyed the joy of creation and enjoyed the success.

before this, I once had a station experience, at that time, I just lifted the network soon, everything is strange and silly, a chance, I broke into the world of self-help, anyp, Bo, no worries.. A familiar name, so far in my mind wandering.

is a website, let me learn HTML language, let me a preliminary understanding of the site, is also a self-help Station, my limit in this small circle, a long time, did not understand the network world of a riot of colours.

enthusiasm will always go out, and as time goes on, after a fanatical retreat, I gradually lost the original self-help stand and interest.

this has been two or three years.

more than 20 days ago, with the help of friends, I know CMS, CN domain name, know the webmaster nets, I discovered that, at the beginning of the establishment of self-help, it is in the creation of traffic, to others, only learned of the poor html.

with the help of friends in exchange for my enthusiasm for the site, I decided to do a website, I soak in the webmaster online constantly check the information, keep learning to enrich themselves, when the time is ripe, chose dedecms this simple and practical application, domain name and space are friends for the. I built my first website, called CC stock guide (

CMS with the first station, the process does not need to say is very difficult, but with the help of friends and their own efforts, my website finally gradually forming, and I Google Adsense also filed down, such as flow up, I also intend to put advertising code on the website, because this the station can provide power for me, let me have more confidence.

I know the site is still very shallow, and I hope to grow up with webmaster friends, and do their own web site.

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