A traditional enterprise can achieve such a transformation but also wonderful

"is their own revolution, or being beheaded? Self revolution, at least leave a decent people revolution is very embarrassing." The person who say this is Rongchang washing founder Zhang Rongyao, after the 60 uncle in 1990 from Beijing Light Industry College (now Beijing Technology and Business University) school to teach after graduation, claiming to be "in order to solve the employment problem of" family, the initiation of entrepreneurial idea, founded in 1990, Rongchang laundry.


washing from the traditional line franchise rise to about 2000 encounter mode development bottleneck, then start thinking about the transition to PC Internet, set up the washing net Zhang Rongyao, started along the four + card mode. Until November 2013, Zhang Rongyao again "self revolution", launched a mobile Internet based O2O laundry service products e bag wash. And from the latitude and SIG two thousand million dollars A round of investment in November this year. And 4 months ago, e bags washed just got Tencent 20 million yuan angel investment.

According to Zhang Rongyao

, the e bags wash in WeChat has about 200000 users, APP 100 thousand users, a total of 300 thousand users, on the orders of around 4000, the price deduction vouchers in 60 yuan. Although born out of traditional enterprises, e bags washed entrepreneurial team, but after 85 Internet based people.

most of the traditional enterprises, the Internet has been a bonus period, in the face of a new wave of mobile Internet time window, worried, I do not know how to place, very anxious.

Zhang Rongyao believes that the traditional enterprise Internet transformation failure rate is high, and the system and the interests of the shackles are not unrelated. In addition, many traditional enterprise values and model that is very suspicious, many enterprises hope and government approached, but not the letter letter power of market economy, so long to heavy assets and "light" (from the user) mode of operation, let the transformation, unbearable weight is not possible.

on a weekend afternoon, tiger sniffing and Zhang Rongyao long talk about Rongchang laundry 14 years, how to step by step transformation, until the "e bag wash" – this mobile Internet flavor products. This assessment alone is quite high for a traditional enterprise. You know, how many traditional enterprise transformation research and development of Internet products, often with the Internet self righteous, rape stitching breath. From the experience of Zhang Rongyao and Rongchang, e bag washing can grow out of a traditional enterprise, it can be described as quite wonderful.

the following content for Zhang Rongyao’s statement (tiger smell has edit delete).

Washing industry


has been in a disastrous stateChinese brands are selling

equipment, rather than brand; buy real estate

the laundry industry is driven by laundry equipment. Brands rely on each store to sell dry cleaning machine to make money, and join the business has become the sale of equipment, and equipment is a one-time business.

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