Local hospital website should pay attention to three problems

Internet era and developed around the hospital website also will be developed, and the market prospects are very good, a lot of local hospital website in succession on the line, these sites are more or less there will be some problems. Here is no longer to analyze the link construction and website architecture, and this kind of article has been a lot, and today from several other aspects to analyze.

1, Baidu bidding for

a lot of hospital websites are doing Baidu promotion, because the hospital website keywords of fierce competition, resulting in price a few dollars to the original, a few yuan, now quite burn, most of the website promotion after the effect is not very good, but the money is more and more, here a webmaster suggestions don’t overheated competition word, through statistical code to analyze the long term, their price will be much lower, and the conversion rate is much higher than the direct keywords, which requires we must do the statistical work, this work is done, you can spend the least money, get the most consulting customer.

two, user experience,

from the web page, the hospital website is different from the traditional website, a large number of pictures appear in the page, and a larger size, which will affect the speed of the user to open the page, the user will lose some. And many of the hospital sites are using the online customer service system, customer service system itself is no problem, but can’t depend too much on the customer service system, most of the links are pointing to the other domain, it will disperse some of the keywords weight. Consulting itself is an original, to guide users to the website to ask questions, and then experts to answer, this is high-quality original, if you can speed up the response, the effect will be better than the customer service system.

three, brand building,

with the webmaster to further understand the keyword optimization, the home keywords deployment is very reasonable, but also just, but they ignore a little, do not own brand words reflected in the home page, because they feel the flow of small words, which can appear on the home page, put the target keywords ah, so I will score. But it’s hard to survive for a long time without a brand name (Baidu’s recent earthquake is a good one). ) and the conversion rate of users is also very low. With the brand, the conversion rate can be improved greatly. This article has Shangqiu Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine (http://s.sqnkzx.com/qianliexian/) original, reproduced please bring links

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