11 nternet heavyweights 11 ways of community profitability

, what is outside the box, 11 Internet heavyweights! The 11 heavyweights of the community site profitable way of self explanation, actually can be regarded as they after successful experience sharing, 11 community website profits, a classic


51.com, a Shengdong Pang: community for the activities of the brand


community is fit for an active brand. According to our experience, although the advertising revenue of some community websites is in the majority, but because of the high degree of participation, the future development of the community is still activities to promote the brand, from which value-added costs.

two, mobile Beach: community and webgame combination is complementary, profitable

The organic integration of

Webgame pattern and community trend is intensified, and the organic integration of Webgame and the community, community site for own income, and user stickiness are of great help, more and more owners to join the ranks, such as moving the first Webgame joint operating platform pcpop.com launched play web games combined operations union.popwan.com platform in just a few months time attracted about one hundred thousand of the owners to join, if there is no strong profitability, are not to do.

three, Tencent Wu Xiaoguang: how to make community fees a reality

charges can be achieved if the user’s emotions and sharing requirements are met. According to Tencent’s experience, the success of community fees depends on whether it can meet the subjective needs of the audience, such as emotional expression, personality publicity, and the need to share good things with friends. If you can create value for the user, to a certain extent, users are willing to pay. Although there are widespread user complaints about advertising, community advertising is not scary. The key depends on whether can create value for the user.

four, Myspace China Luo Chuan: the taste of Chinese Internet users quietly change

good community environment to attract Chinese users. At present, many people still think that the taste of Chinese people is vulgar and the level of "money worship" is gradually emerging from this level, and more people are in urgent need of a high quality environment. For example, as a high grade symbol of Chinese "National Geographic" magazine, 2000 sales of just 10 thousand copies, now at about 800 thousand copies, which in part reflects the quietly changing Chinese grade, and the key point of this transformation is around 2004.

The potential for

users and advertising space is enormous. China community website user coverage is not more than 50%, is not a normal distribution (mostly young people), so with the United States to present normal distribution and basically meet all the needs of real life, Chinese community sites have great potential for development. And in word of mouth marketing, should we pay attention to the future can produce like Doubleclick, Panama and other great American advertising platform


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