Peng Yucheng please don’t regard the PR value as God

update from October 30th Google PR over the past few days, Peng Yucheng webmaster in each big Adsense BBS, net webmaster QQ group have heard two voices: my new PR value from 0 to 4, the PR value from 5 to 4 and similar sound, which contains a excitement another is the lost voice. Peng Yucheng can not help but ask you webmaster friends, PR value is really so God,


let’s first look at the value of PR is what, why there are so many webmaster PR values do? Peng Yucheng according to a lot of friends in a forum or other platform questions summed up the role of PR 3, we welcome the added.

1, PR value is high, can sell links. This is really, there are so many owners can not bring benefits through the website, but every year needs to renew the domain name space charge is needed.

2, PR high value, you can improve the ranking. This is not such a thing, the PR value is Google an evaluation standard for the web quality, have high PR value in Google will have a relatively high ranking, but can also have a very good ranking in Baidu is not necessarily.

3, PR value is tall, what link can you want to change, change what link. After the exchange of Links friends should be more familiar with the communication between the two exchange Links such as: pr=3 sites and pr=4 or 5 site exchange links like asking each other. If the PR value has become a lot of stationmaster proud capital.

By the way the

statement, the author summarizes the above 3 points are the fact that there is no malicious attacks, a webmaster friends, please read this article friends don’t scold.

Peng Yucheng just don’t think we need to take PR to see so heavy, after all, to the successful operation of a website, we should focus on creating value to the customer if, then you will get paid. The PR value is only a small part of it. It’s nothing more than a numerical lift. Besides, the PR value is down and not up. Some time ago also crazy pass a, Google is about to cancel the rumor of PR value, let many rely on PR value for the life of the webmaster scared out of a cold sweat, now PR value from last 4 months later updated, and these rumors have been broken.

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