Take the back door of a market grasp the needs of audience segmentation



to extract a word, many schools and teachers have taught Lang Lang and Yundi Li taught you, so you need to spend a lot of time to learn a lot of money, but only 10% of people want to be Yundi Li, or the wishes of the parents just want to let the children become as happy as Lee Hom, in fact, 90% of the people are so think, this is our market 90%.


," said CEO icanmusic of Wei Kaiyuan, who attended the company’s Salon last week, "I cut it down to Yundi Li’s supply and Lee Hom’s needs.". Music education seems to be the same thing, but a breakdown of demand, you can find that the supply of some products on the market may not meet the real needs of users. In fact, many products are to meet the needs of the public direction, also is the product of a right direction, but to grasp the needs of audience segmentation, which may have what effect of similar products in the market early, but with the increase of its audience demand clear and the number of competing products products, products to meet the needs of subdivision it becomes increasingly important, and can not meet the demand for sub products, the audience will basically continued to buy. In fact, understand the product direction on the market a gap is not difficult, even with the knowledge we can clearly feel the needs of modern information, to enhance the taste of delicacy demand, demand, but if we can write articles to do the media, intuitive to teach staff about European classical music history. Intuitive to speak eight big cuisines, manhanquanxi…… The product in the wrong direction? Yes, but I’m afraid the market will not accept it because there are a lot of supply across the barrier — time, energy and money, ability, vision, true preferences between product and audience, the direction of gap meet cannot keep your users, grasp the product demand is the audience segmentation the supply and demand of the tug of war hero.

to let the user out of the gate will basically say goodbye and renren.com, has been as happy chrysanthemums after the Double Ninth Festival network as an example, they have to say in social demand has been one step ahead, the success of the relationship map, content, entertainment and so on their platform to move, have become fashionable for a time in the social field. Today although the thin dead camel is bigger than a horse, but the downward trend is very obvious, a big reason for the loss of customers is probably the lack of grasp of the current demand for the audience.

what is the current user demand for social networking sites?

I’ve come up with five points, social, light, content, entertainment, mobile. Is Renren holding it now,


I don’t think so. The reason for the downward spiral:

first, social demand needs to be established in the relationship map relatively broad, but the audience is too single renren.com (students), narrow users do not constitute a complete relationship map, even the maintenance cost more and more high school this map, so users will eventually give up;

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