Talking about my experience of using E8 for two days

IE8 release, causing widespread concern in the community, from the webmaster to the Webmaster Station, to a CCTV news programs are reported, speed up, security improved a lot. Then webmaster soon wrote articles about IE8. I also tried it recently. Wrote it down. I also searched it on the website. Many people don’t think they can do it on probation. I also downloaded a IE8 last Friday to install, and I feel the installation process is very fast. At least faster than just upgrading to IE7. (just upgraded to IE7 for genuine verification, and now IE8 does not have this requirement)

addresses the FLASH issue on the home page on Friday. It took a day to figure out the FLASH tag written by the easy LEWI. Finally showed. The results found that the FLASH card is computer switching. 3 years ago, P4’s CPU, 512M’s memory. Turn on the task manager and find that the CPU occupancy rate is 100% when the FLASH is switched. After switching normally, I temporarily extended the time of the slide switch. Think about Monday and change the FLASH switching mode. Monday, using IE8 to open the site, found very fast. Open Task Manager, no sudden increase in CPU to 100% phenomenon. Normally, initially with Maxthon, thought is the site code problem. As a result, hindsight seems to be the core of IE. It was found that both IE7 and 6 appeared to occupy 100% of CPU.

in security, now highlighted under the IE8 domain name, which I think will help improve security. I once saw a cheater using to impersonate 163 of the authorities. People who find e-mail to cheat net names are more gullible if they don’t have the relevant knowledge. Believing that highlighted domains might help people identify which web site is coming from.

in addition, the label has color, distinguish between different domain names, feel still good idea.

, this is my three experience with IE8, and in general, IE8 has something to recommend it. It does have good performance in speed and safety. Value recommendation.


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