Word of mouth communication effect is obvious how to let users take the initiative to spread your w

we often have this experience, if you share the experience of a product with your friends, you will be more easily accepted, and will have a better impression of this product. Or familiar friends send you a web site, you are more willing and assured to open, strangers sent URL prohibitive. The information that the friend that knows to you spreads is more often easier to be trusted and accepted, below the line product evaluation is such, online website promotion is even more so.

because I need to work with a lot of Q group, but many are blocked, leaving only a few more familiar, A5 work group and A5 colleagues group is to receive and respond to information. Often a colleague sees a web site shared by his colleagues, usually with interest, such as a funny video or an interesting test. Today, in a company girl group, you see a colleague’s link, "test your weight after 10 years", and several female colleagues have tested. Weight is a key word for female colleagues. Because of the information sent by colleagues around you, the intensity of the trust of the information is relatively high, but also willing to look at; and they are interested in topics, naturally willing to participate in the test. Such communication is very efficient.

This information

colleagues released 39 Health Network "39 self testing" topic, because of health, beauty, weight more interested in these topics, so when a female colleague to share information, other colleagues will open and test. Send the web site of this colleague is very active, spread the health network of this information, virtually to each other to do promotion. It is very important that a message can let the audience take the initiative to spread and pass it to the friends around the world. The effect of word of mouth communication is very good and more targeted. So how do you let users spread word of mouth?


valuable information?.

when you see a message shared by a friend around you, if it doesn’t make sense to you, you won’t follow it. If this information is valuable to you, you’ll follow suit. A group purchase website in Xuzhou some time ago, the organization group purchase movie tickets, 16.8 is the original price of 70 yuan a group purchase price of movie theater tickets, see friends to share this information, I compare the heart, initiative to understand the details of the group purchase website, although the last with the group, but also the dissemination of information to friends, but also of the group purchase website and sustained attention.

One of the elements of

word-of-mouth communication is whether it provides valuable information. For example, a supermarket sales activities, you will also take the initiative to tell friends around, because this information is preferential for the user, the value is the only standard. So, if you want your web site users active dissemination, must consider whether you provide valuable information to the user, only to meet value conditions, will allow users to take the initiative to spread, the popularity of the website is in the user communication to improve.

Is the

close to the target user?.

if the link issued by that colleague above is not a test of weight >

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