Several elements of website development

as a personal website, during which the hard work may only have their own experience. It is "netful graph and text, a bitter tears", this article here how a bitter word. But we still pursue our dreams, and still stick to one of our own positions, still eager to belong to their own clear sky.

website to develop, I think we should pay attention to the following points:

1: stable and expanding web sites. All personal websites (non company nature) have some concentric. Last time I saw NetEase’s search channel, there were more than 470 volunteers. Several personal literature sites (both developed), there are a group of like-minded people, in all aspects of the division of labor.

has more workers and can manage different channels. Not only have special add articles and pictures or download the same work, but also have special posts and see the people, can guarantee the post with the content in the website are pure without errors and exceptions.

two: richer website content. The website is attractive and helpful. Besides the articles, forums and pictures, there are also good books to download and music videos.

three: a stable customer base. Website to develop, must have their own customer base, must go to expand the market, so as to enhance the development momentum.

a website, no matter how small, has the hope of growth. No matter how big, there are insufficient aspects. I think, the most important thing, no matter what kind of development in the future, not lazy, not indebted, and strive to make the site as a big strong.

after a day’s efforts, the Three Gorges life network ( finally opened, joy is self-evident, especially the Three Gorges Life Forum, to attract more people to speak to the top post, hope the Three Gorges network has become a window of life propaganda in Yichang Three Gorges, the Three Gorges service life of Yichang citizens.

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