Site practice how to plan a good site

column setting

before the establishment of a website, after determining the type of website, the first analysis of the same site, the number of sites of similar understanding about how much, how to run them, is how to promote and so on. Usually through search engines query related sites, generally in front of the site is relatively good.

then find a better site, analyze them carefully, find out what columns or services they don’t have and add them to their websites.

plate planning

The type of column of

website has hot and unpopular cent, put hot column place in the conspicuous position of the website. However, in the planning of the website, in addition to highlighting the hot columns, you also need to put the website’s features, columns and services in a clear position. In addition, you need to pay attention to, in every page of the web site is designed search box, easy for users in the web site quickly find what you need.

unified URL

Most of the

website management system can address the URL custom site generation, many owners in the station at the beginning of the formation of the address is concerned, resulting in a change of address later need to upgrade program, the search engine included is very important, so in the planning of the site, also need to pay attention to the unity of the URL address for after the upgrade.

ad settings

Most of the

website is to profit through advertising, website planning in the beginning, we should plan the site to place the position of advertising, advertising should be put in the position does not affect the browsing, such as the bottom of a page, is a good place advertising space.

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