Letters to Chinese webmasters and Chinese hackers

first of all, I have friends with all the hackers studying in China. Let’s cheer loudly for the success of the Chinese Olympic Games!

!But the news is

, although there are many benefits to our China, but also by other countries. Because they envy, jealousy, envy us China can get the Olympic qualification, we are afraid of Chinese beyond their day. Then, but this year we Chinese Olympic Games, made a lot of against, and split things from our country. But the trouble occurred one, first Taiwan " Taiwan ", and now to Tibet Tibet " ". In fact, why they can make so much " only "? I think must be behind ghosts. They were afraid of foreigners we Chinese beyond them. If our country is getting stronger and stronger. If our country threaten their status. Thus the name known, we can not defeat the aliens, and our technology is not worse than them. Just because of our technology day Than one day steady, every day. So they will engage in so many foreigners. That is to say a simple sentence: " afraid of foreigners Chinese " "


believe that we are learning for hackers, hackers think knowledge is very difficult, because the hacker technology, it is widely used, need to learn a lot of knowledge. However, we do not give up. Chinese has always been with don’t give up, stick to the end. The heart will have today’s achievements. Chinese. Hackers and hacker friends ready to learn friends. To carry forward your technology, your technology higher! Although there are a lot of friends want to learn hackers, but due to the lack of some guidance, so learn to feel very difficult. But as long as you have the patience and persistence. Some can be harvested. In fact, I think so China hacker friends gathered together in one place, communicate with each other and help each other, I think we have Chinese computer technology network technology, is the world’s first.

so, I have a request. I ask myself is not a real hacker, but I hacker spirit I will never forget it. Everyone is Chinese, with the Olympic Games Chinese thing, we don’t China unity, side split there and engage in split.

and then give foreigners a good chance to get in and want to keep us in control of the Chinese.

: I hope all China hackers don’t attack their own computer and website. Don’t steal QQ and manufacturing virus to invade a computer to steal information. This is why? As to damage our national property, not to, unity has always been the protection technology of.

in our country

thank you very much for coming to my forum to study and communicate with each other. I’m glad everyone doesn’t mind me being a bird picking, but I’m not afraid to tell you that I don’t have hacker skills, but I have hackers

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