Analysis how to make your website a big tree

did not read the blog yesterday. He saw a good article on WeChat called "big tree theory". I think this article is really enlightening for webmaster friend, so I can share my feelings and share it with you.

1, the first condition for becoming a big tree: time.

not a tree is planted seedlings, immediately became a big tree, must be years depicting the rings, a circle to the foreign minister.

inspiration: if you want to succeed, you must give yourself time.

‘s inspiration for the stationmaster: "eat a mouthful, one thing at a time", and the website can be done step by step. No one has become a binding domain of a successful web site, especially for our grassroots webmaster, lack of funds and resources in the case, but need time to grow up, must not be quick. A lot of stationmaster three months did not see effect, half year did not see effect, gave up, but which website did not grow through a year or two, just become the "big tree" in the circle,


2. becomes the second condition of a big tree: do not move.

does not have a big tree. It was planted here in the first year, and in second years there…… Finally, grow into a big tree. Some are for thousands of years, by the wind, calendar of wind and rain, standing still. It is the wind, rain Li the ultimate success of countless trees.

revelation: to be successful, can’t quit, must be "by the wind and rain calendar without regret"


‘s inspiration for the Webmaster: "immobility theory" can also be interpreted as "concentration." you focus on one direction and eventually go farther than others. In the course of the development of the site, there will be problems, traffic is not up, included pause, income always go up, and even because of the wrong operation and search engine K station. It’s all normal. But many webmaster and abandon, doubt their own original idea, so as to change the theme of the site, was originally a Taobao station, because of the above reasons will change into a female integrated station, such examples in the webmaster circles happen every day. Including the author before is the same, but this change to change, it is equivalent to our previous efforts are in vain, and everything will start again. Like two people at the same time to dig a well, it is time to dig ninety meters of water, you dug 30 meters without water, so for a place to dig, but others are still the place to dig, you still haven’t dug 30 meters of water in another place, you can change a place but others have been dug, dug 60 meters in that place, as you continue to dig 30 meters without water in another place, while others have dug 90 meters, drink the sweet water. This is why many webmaster will find, some websites and we start at the same time, but two or three years later, other websites have flow over ten thousand, income over ten thousand, but they are still in place. Therefore, if you want to become a big tree, you must adhere to your original dream.

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