Enterprise optimization by the chain outside the chain increase method summary


website provides a method for determining the weights of the simplest is the rapid increase in the reverse link, especially to do enterprise stand optimization, for example: packaging machine packaging machine (www.beijingdasong.com) in the number of GG index is great but in the increase of the chain, ranking quickly.

and increase the chain method, presumably most webmaster understand almost, today summed up, let us review again, deepen your memory,

method 1, submit the website to the DMOZ directory, Yahoo directory, ODP directory, a number of professional directory sites;

method 2, to exchange links BBS release links, exchange information, such as: http://s.seo.org.cn/forum/

method 3, in association with trade associations or commercial establishments. The links to these nonprofit websites are generally high in weight, so linking them to these sites is a very good way to do so.

method 4, looking for the reverse link competition website, active link exchange with these sites to go beyond the competition, the best way is to rival some backlinks you have, you have no rivals. Ha ha,


method 5, release a press release, add a hyperlink in the press release, and when the news is reprinted by many websites, it can help your website to add a lot of backlinks:

method 6, add your hyperlink to the forum signature. Often mix forum, send a post, resource should make good use;


method 7, create blog, create blog, enrich the contents of blog, add the hyperlink of your website reasonably in blog,

method 8, search engine search "submit web site, Add URL" and other related keywords. Search the web page, you can increase the reverse link of your site;

method 9, to add their own self-help link application, to attract other sites active link with you;

method 10, buy reverse links, there are many webmasters have a very large number of resources, you can buy reverse links to them.

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