Talking about the user experience of marketing from SKYWORTH cool open LED LCD TV

as a consumer, when purchasing the product purchase to the quality and quantity of products is very important, but good customer service service and user experience is also a supplement to the product, and the product position in the minds of consumers largely determine. However, in reality, the business that can do both worlds is less known and less. This article, combined with his home to buy SKYWORTH cool open LED LCD TV process, talk about the user experience in marketing. Have the same life.

in general, while marketing our various strengths in our products, we should also inform consumers of the ways and means to realize their functions and the matters that should be paid attention to. No matter whether the customer knows clearly, should be accompanied by detailed instructions for customers to participate in detail, so as to allow customers to buy at ease and comfortable.

one, the user needs to know the details before the experience, fully prepared

from the user’s perspective, the user should do a good job of brand products, brand products natural products before buying the product of basic understanding, so as to grasp the whole product and seek answers related questions at the time of purchase, more convenient for future use.

in the SKYWORTH cool open LED LCD TV purchase process, my family made such a mistake. Cousin has been working in the field, although want to buy a TV, but there is no time to inquire. Is catching up with national day activities, from Kaifeng back to Zhengzhou, roughly understand the credit card purchase, back and forth less than a day. Here only rely on the sales staff’s words, experience the effect of the machine and personal feelings of the first, as for the details of the use is not known.

two, marketing personnel should do and

in user experience

marketing personnel in the sales process, strongly recommended to customers of their products and the introduction of various functions and preferential policies, this is understandable. After all, this is one of the means of marketing, but whether the product can be used and the matters needing attention and should be attached to the product (whether to buy gifts or late) introduced the basic guidelines, or a simple operation or manual in one or two directions. This will be more conducive to the user’s confidence in the product, marketing personnel trust and ease of use of the product, comfortable use, for the future generation of repeat customers to create opportunities.

and in the process of purchase, we encountered that marketing personnel seems to do not perfect. He is the product of a very one-sided description of the operation of the staff to understand the basic function of the TV, but can make nothing of it how to operate, there is no detailed instructions or no related content.

three, after-sales service and product manufacturers should do good service and preparation in advance,

on after-sales service this piece, the after-sales department staff really hard enough, this can be understood. However, since the after-sale, then it should do good service to customers, >

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