Rookie site the sad process of success behind

as a rookie, I have built my own website, and my purse is bulging. The only thing I want to do now is to share my experiences and get the same results.

1, will the program is not important, important is you want to do, have enthusiasm, time, energy, no persistent problem — of course, you will not even boot the computer, it is not easy to handle, not absolute, not take a few hundred, go to a computer class, computer class general school not deep, but open or shutdown, the software installed almost


2, choose a good domain name, of course, a good domain name has not much, if you have a lot of money, but money can be considered legitimate antecedents easily, buy a house grown before, but if you spend money from their parents or teeth out, so please register a, fifty or sixty a years, as short as possible, try to remember, if it is local or industry station, as welt, not short not easy to remember also never mind, not facing it does not matter, everything is not important –


3, must not completely imitate others, but can refer to, completely imitate others it is difficult to succeed, you must have the innovation, is not only to see the strengths of others, but also see their shortcomings, and strive to solve the problem, then you have the characteristics. To the original, to have their own things, to know what your target audience needs, and you just can provide very good, if you can have the original resources, then your domain name is too difficult to remember and remember it doesn’t matter, there will be a person, but have told you to. You put it in the post, diary, blog……

4, even less resources does not matter, you should be sincere, be diligent to discover and integrate resources, not large quantities of acquisition, but to sort out the essence, because we are busy, want to get the information in the most short time the minimum steps. If you quote someone else’s resources, you should indicate the source and do not modify the original so that they look like their own, which is very bad and people will abandon you. If you are sincere enough, and the proper way, we love you, and as you flow to increase loyal visitors increased, resource station began to love you to extract quoted his things. So, you have a brother station, a friend station, a cooperation station.

5, find a space, good reputation, who knows the reputation of the good ah, we all boast of ruthless. Then the first to look at the forum, I want you, station, behind what, looking for the high credibility of the recommendation, many people still very much credibility, do not believe those who only made three posts below them, they either support or even support the qualification is not. Don’t buy a large space, what VIP ah, VPS ah, WPS ah ah word (halo), usually good enough, enough to upgrade it, I have seen the space, upgrade increases have this service, buy a big turn small, there is no door.

6, can’t understand code >

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