How do learn about human nature from Shi Yuzhu

October 2004, a large number of R & D personnel came out to find investment. Shi Yuzhu has invested 20 million in these talent, in order to do the business, Shi Yuzhu insisted in the development of this game in the process of chatting with 2000 players, each person at least 2 hours.

in more than 4000 hours of chatting process, he has a thorough understanding of the online games engaged in fun, passion, indignation, depressed, heart, nervous. Put these complex, even opposing emotions, and turn these feelings into all the details of the game.

so many IT critics believe that Shi Yuzhu’s success is based on understanding human nature, not how powerful online products are. On the technology, Kingsoft, Shanda have a group of strong men, but giants have become the biggest winner in nearly two years.

so when we were promoting, we learned about Shi Yuzhu’s sales strategy. Here, in detail and share with you, we are in the development of advertising when some of the ideas, it is to learn from Shi Yuzhu.

Webmaster Station DIY simply speaking, is personalized gift customization. Is that you can put the users hand photos or pictures, custom T-shirts, pillow, puzzles and other gifts, the whole world the one and only the personalized gifts, there are many sites in this business. Pigs do this, in order to improve the Witkey industry chain, and at first we think of the slogan is "gifts, send out ideas."".

Why did

think of this advertisement at that time? It was because we thought of this ad language, and in a word, it distinguished the difference from the traditional gift giving. This advertisement language is feasible and very applicable.

then, we would like to make a breakdown of this slogan, that is, a subdivision of the target audience. So we thought, what kind of person is our buyers? Is certainly the personalized new-new generation, followed by a large number of gifts the real needs of customers, the last is the early adopters of love.

plus station DIY recently launched a Christmas gift, so we want to take this advertisement to revise, the final confirmation of the advertising language is a bit long, but we feel very practical, the ultimate effect is also very good.

"send too expensive, heartache, send cheap, ashamed, send personalized gifts, just right"

, which also highlights the understanding of human nature, now between people, gifts become an inevitable human relationship. Small relatives, life, colleagues, life, leadership, gifts, etc., no one does not worry about this kind of thing, especially those who do not understand the gift of the other side of the gift, and sent it is not practical or wrong road, but also very embarrassing. Therefore, personalized gifts are in line with the needs of gifts of this kind of crowd: cheap, Wumart, the road.

this ad may also be too straightforward, but in fact, we have enabled this slogan, sales began to grow, many users are in consultation

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