The key to success at station keeping is to win

as a webmaster, you should have what? In fact, the most important thing is to insist. Edison said: "when people fail, they do not know how close they are to success." some people do stand for a few months, or do stand for one or two years to give up. In fact, they do not know, if you stick to it, the station will be good.

has heard the story of two rural children who, in the evening, carry a torch and sneak into an abandoned mine. Gradually, the fire went out, and they hurried back. The roads were so complicated that they lost their way. Then the fire went out, and they were so afraid that they could not find the exit in the dark, and they gave up looking for the exit. On the second day, people found their bodies 10 meters from the exit.

see, if only a little further, they will be saved! Do so, just hold on a little longer, maybe your site will be to succeed! There is no shortcut to success, the only way is to stick to it! Edison also tried two thousand kinds of materials to find the best material for tungsten filament so small? The water Tai Chi can wear stone, rely on what is "is the persistence of tenacity is!!!

the short term there will be no harvest, but persevere in front is a week and not as boundless as the sea and sky! What effect, but success will come to you days and months multiplying,! When you encounter difficulties, please believe that there must be a rainbow after the rain! Come on, victory is at hand! The source: please indicate the source of

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