Talking about the timing of investing in CN domain names may have arrived

no risk investment, but the return is very low, now is the time to cn the lowest, we did not dare to take, maybe you can put some eyes closed a little more or less good quality rice, today we will talk about the investment CN domain is ripe.

one. Tens of thousands of drops, there will always be good meters

every day tens of thousands of CN meters, there will always be a certain good meters, now registered a CN is troublesome, the price is also high. But let’s see, sometimes you can find the cost of a pile of rice and it can be one or two meters. China’s CN can not always be winter, the spring may be tomorrow, perhaps next year. Once China’s CN has policy support, you hand good CN meters, it will be realized. Your investment will pay off well, too.

two meters away. Minon

now has some rice farmers, do not want to do this trip, are also active in the treatment of some rice. Yesterday I saw a minon in meters, a CN only 1.5 yuan, packed 100 only 80 yuan, equivalent to 0.8 yuan a. What a cheap meter! It’s cheaper than registration. You might be saying, probably not much time to use it. This is of course, or else people will not rush to cash it. Let’s make an account. If you can find three good meters in 100 CN meters, your cost will be equivalent to the cost of registering three meters now. Come from in the rice rice farmers said, the transfer is convenient, no new registered meter program. It can be described as a thousand dollars and a thousand dollars. No, I went to collect 20 CN meters with four initials yesterday. The average cost is only 20 yuan, and there is still 10 months to use. It’s more expensive to register than yourself. In saying you register, you can’t register to get four initial cn meters.

three. Now com is not necessarily a good thing,

you are now cooked CN meters friends, if you now switch to vote com, not necessarily a good thing, why do you say so, Com’s market has matured for a long time, good meters are basically people to rob. You go to spend high price acquisition of good rice, your cost at what point, in the Chinese policy changes today, you may not be able to sell in a short time. Then again, you use CN’s vision to throw com, it may not work. I have a friend who is an old Menon, he designed cast CN meters, until now he has not changed his investment concept, also sent to as investment cn. I wonder why he didn’t change his career to com. He replied, "China’s policy is strict now. So, will China’s policy be so strict?". Chinese total registered only more than 15 million points, every day tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands. China will not change its policy.

to sum up, of course, if you are investing in CN construction sites, in order to quickly build the station, it is best not to register in China, go abroad, and do not have to record anything, and do not submit information. Good luck to you here. These are some of my own

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