Deep dialogue Wu Xinhong eight years of entrepreneurship anxious to walk to the PO it is time to

Sina Technology: Why did you decide to go to the market at this time?

Sina Technology: I feel that there is not enough talent storage

Wu Xinhong: at this point in time, in fact, no particular consideration. More because we want IPO, not IPO at a particular point in time. Because for us, as long as IPO can be a good thing, there is no need to pick time.

listed to enhance the U.S. brand, the layout of the future to recruit global talent

for advertisers, such traffic actually are not worth a penny, are all invalid flow and invalid clicks, no advertisers love this junk traffic, because such flow will not bring any value to advertisers except China Mobile mobile phone, if the network business registration rely on this book to implement it, basically is a dead end.

, but this is also the core of the formal beauty of the gene, which led to the United States to seize the tools software, mobile Internet, intelligent hardware, short video, mobile live, and every outlet and opportunities. In remote Xiamen, Mito is more acute than more Internet Project insight and action.

on the occasion of IPO, Mito founder and CEO Wu Xinhong accepted an exclusive interview with Sina Technology, in-depth talk about Mito’s past, present, and future.

"it’s time to talk about the future."." In December 15, 2016, Wu Xinhong, founder of Mito, said.

about the map, there are a lot of memories and can speak. For example, eight years ago, the "graphic" or demand, a vertical niche and now, "beauty", "beauty" and "self" has become a national concept, become a popular demand, become an indispensable part in the new era.

Wu Xinhong said, "it’s time to talk about the future."."

Sina Technology: what are the considerations,


wrote the book itself is a scam, a lot of college students for the network marketing of books on this subject absolutely ignorant of, is relatively small, making the book sales increased, the book sold more, author of course earn more, as for the content of the book is not misleading to readers of course not tube, as far as others AdSense account was closed, that’s none of the things, anyway, the authors have been selling books to make money.

, but this is only the most beautiful part of the beauty story. This is the same in the eight years, from the creation to go IPO, Wu Xinhong told sina that every day is full of anxiety, every day for fear of being subversive, such anxiety makes him difficult to fall asleep the night, worried that the figure had lost their ability to understand young users.

if in real life, someone wrote a book to teach you how to make money by fraud, believe that this book is very difficult to pass the review, but now, someone wrote a book to a scam on the network book, called "College Students’ Internet business guide book", actually you can become the best-selling computer books at home and around the bookstore, I believe everyone will feel very surprised!

however, in the past few days, in the Xinhua Bookstore, saw a book "500 yuan a day – to uncover the secret of making money online", such a best-selling book, the main content is a word – cheat. Who do you cheat? Cheat satyr, cheat male wolf on the internet. By what means to cheat by the so-called beauty number, through a variety of ways, let lady-killer is thought to add a beauty number, and then access the number on the guide page to open a web page, the page is what everyone should want, or is the registered mobile phone money. Or is the Guide to promote AdSense download shlf1314 probably because of this fraud is too much, just let shlf1314 stop AdSense, AdSense recommend or click advertising usually by shlf1314, of course, deactivate the account character is not good will also put a Trojan virus on it, steal number of coins or the network game account, or the user’s computer into a chicken".

this day, it was eight years since he officially founded mito. In these eight years, born in 1981, Minnan guy Wu Xinhong, a niche product into a popular concept, a partial Xiamen company, pushed to the world in front.

as a comparison, I talk about the overseas share software pioneer Shang Yiyuan example, many years ago, a shareware author Shang Yiyuan through the overseas network marketing success, will be a very simple MP3 into CD software to overseas, then hit a monthly amazing record of $forty thousand, after he wrote many articles to introduce their products on the road to success, even with the marketing channel strategy, technology and so on, the sharing of software development is a great impetus for China overseas, overseas shareware author presents exponential growth, many people still rely on the Yiyuan marketing way to earn money, but is Shang Yiyuan for his honesty > pay

and now, Wu Xinhong feels it’s time to talk about the future. In fact, this is not just a choice of artificial intelligence in the visual image map represent the general trend, the United States has eight years of accumulation, this is the best opportunity for the broader future, but this opportunity, Wu Xinhong said: "only IPO can bring beauties to the world, to the future layout of the world’s top talent recruitment."

Wu Xinhong: OK, I think for several reasons, the most important point, IPO can make our brand has been enlarged, can let the beauty map into international company, can greatly enhance the brand, I think this is for our future to attract a great help.

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