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head two entrepreneurs in the United States, the first is the traditional printed T-shirt, second time began to fiddle innovation mode, aiming at the parking lot at the entrance of parking spaces close to several high schools, to $50 a month fee in exchange for owners in the students go to school in advance the peak parking, so the body for advertising then, aimed at the student market sale to advertisers.

all the chips so that everyone can "make a difference"

on the other side of the ocean in the United States, college students are thinking of ways to make money. Because the cost of college is expensive and the better, the more expensive the university is, many college students need to pay for it in the form of government loans. N EW sandWorld eport R, a famous American news magazine, published a survey. 60% of college graduates in the United States owe government debt, on average

entrepreneurial team: China team full-time 4 people, part-time 1 people; American team full-time 1 people, part-time 4 people.

start-up time: January this year, registered company, the website formally launched on June 1st

Sino US mixed venture team

founder: Zhang Linxuan

financing record: not yet financing


can make a difference


in China, learning English is almost every student and parents expectations. Zhang Linxuan and his 90 team found that to learn more relaxed and interesting, but has become a luxury of Chinese students. Because of their course a lot of pressure, very want to jump out of 3.1 life environment, can contact a friend or teacher, get more perspective, see the larger world. They have higher requirements for the subjects of spoken English conversation.

any person, regardless of status, status, age, occupation, gender, as long as the idea and creativity can be raised all the chips.

, this is a very interesting after 90 entrepreneurial team. Zhang Linxuan, founder of the 20 year old, elementary school in Beijing, Canada junior high school, the United States high school.

According to

according to sh419 encyclopedia introduced, all chips by promoters, with cast people, platform composition. Characterized by a low threshold, diversity, reliance on the public, and creativity, it refers to an individual or an organization that raises money to support a sponsor. In general, sponsors and sponsors are connected through platforms on the web. Mass fund-raising is used to support activities, including disaster reconstruction, private fund-raising, campaigning, entrepreneurship, fundraising, art creation, free software, design, invention, scientific research, and public projects.

watch these platform push home project, "Haier smart micro water purifier can DIY water purifier", "GPD Mini WIN10 notebook", "multi-functional aromatherapy ion nutrition beauty instrument". I find it difficult to sniff out the roots of all the chips that should have brought about the overthrow of the great revolution. It is difficult to feel the excitement and joy of all kinds of dreams. Followed by blowing, but it is business, people can not help feeling a breath of chilling.

returned to China and Zhang Linxuan started his third venture. The target is active Chinese and American college students, for them to build online teaching platform for oral english.

startup ID

fame and fortune electricity supplier congregation raised platform era

spoken English online teaching, this field is definitely not blue ocean, the threshold is not high, will speak English, even on the network, you can search for business online. But in this seemingly mature market, Zhang Linxuan sees a potential market across the pacific.

crosses the Pacific Ocean, the Red Sea,

recently a "raise the public will die" article, brush up the Internet banking circles. Attention has shifted to equity investors. But today we do not discuss the stock raising, to talk about what we do not pay attention to the nature of the return of all chips. Can think together, Taobao raised all the chips and Jingdong all chips, such electricity supplier gene platform can be called the public raised?.

trans ocean chat, big business,



consulting statistics: Ying Chan at the end of March 2016, the amount of financing in the reward category congregation raised platform for the month of successful projects, the Jingdong to raise the Taobao raised again at the top of the list, the amount of financing the success of the project is 225 million 824 thousand and 400 yuan; followed by Taobao to raise the public, the amount of financing the success of the project is about 169 million 85 thousand and 500 the success of the project investment, passengers up to 1 million 68 thousand and 100 passengers; Suning to raise public financing ranked third, the amount of monthly successful projects for the first time billions of dollars, about 108 million 3 thousand and 900 yuan, Taobao and Jingdong have gradually narrowed the gap, the success of the project investment passengers reached 851 thousand and 300 passengers.

Jingdong to raise the public, Taobao congregation, Suning to raise this three business platform is showing a situation of tripartite confrontation situation, quite the Three Kingdoms trend. Market share of all products raised by these three transactions as the driving platform occupied by electronic business platform. When people are tired of looking at affordable and interesting products on these platforms, should we think about it, is this the so-called "

business model: build a platform for oral online teaching, find Chinese teachers with the same values through the Witkey map, and collect a certain commission.


entrepreneurship location: Beijing

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