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in recent years, O2O has been unstoppable. The government backed the "Internet plus" and actively implement the "supply side reforms under the environment of all walks of life, to embrace the Internet trend is significantly enhanced, especially takeaway O2O has become the new trend of development of the catering industry, and share the rest of the O2O market will greatly increase. We have to admit that the "Internet plus" has completely changed the traditional enterprise, even though O2O is very powerful, but WeChat market is not to be underestimated, now WeChat users has exceeded 700 million, if O2O+, WeChat, and so, what will happen to the market! Here we look at

arena technology micro mall system is based on mobile Internet, but in the shopping, payment, management and other functions is not inferior, it is in a more convenient way for businesses to achieve online sales, to allow customers to realize the online purchase. A successful WeChat mall must be able to provide customers with perfect shopping experience, customer focus from micro mall of the moment, to the intelligent, intelligent selection of merchandise search, purchase and payment to Goods are available in all varieties.

2, takeaway O2O market outlook


this section in the editor and several SEO, because the site more tasks and in need of personnel it is difficult to recruit, will lower the standard entry; found in the allocation of work for them to do false original article, regular meeting in the afternoon a check dumbfounded, they actually gave me the original pure original paste, after seeing Speechless later on, I made a reflection on their ability to overestimate and judgment, two is their training is not in place, and decided to carry out a unified training to them, after all modaobuwukanchaigong, it is about how they do high quality original content for training content.

3, the user viscosity and PV; when the user of your interest and recognition, will also have the interest to the site on the other page, increase your website PV, the search engine according to the test to determine the weight of the page to give good rankings.

two, the following focuses on high-quality original content production methods:

, a pseudo original method; pseudo original is a way more people use the SEO should have a better understanding of this way, pseudo original common way:

science and technology for different industries, different market analysis, WeChat +O2O industry prospects analysis and recommendations

4, search engines love original content; since the search engine to search users with different needs of value ", will be on the website for the search page on the line contrast filtering, repeatability, no spam filtering readability; like people three meals a day every day to eat steamed buns would bother, occasionally some dishes will be very fresh, the search engine is the same database which included every day is the same content is not what fresh, he does not want to search the user as a waste plant.

recently, the topic of micro mall is very hot, micro mall is also increasingly popular in daily activities, more and more enterprises are recognized and attention. According to statistics, 83.8% of enterprises believe that online marketing has expanded the effectiveness of enterprise advertising, 59.5% of enterprises believe that increased sales of enterprises, 10.8% of enterprises that reduce the operating costs of enterprises.


when the mall controls the occupation of the consumer, it can sell any goods or services, such as automobiles, real estate, medical treatment, intermediary services, etc.. At this point, the consumer shopping mall could be seen as an integrated platform for business and services in the region. Now only retail supermarket products WAL-MART is already the top 500, then, this kind of bigger, more complete micro mall will be how big?

1, micro mall market outlook



According to the

2, users get better experience; the article has a certain readability, to provide users with really valuable things, natural user experience will be high, users stay in this page time is also president.

1, to improve the keywords ranking and web site overall weight; this should be from the search engine principle explain; can use very simple words to explain, to do more search users return search results to meet their demand. Although this should be who can think of, but how to refine down to different users are provided in full compliance with their own needs of the content that will be the search engine to do a lot of work, and how to put the same keyword search results ranking distribution inside this high quality original content in the website rankings and the weight value occupies certain proportion of the factors. Of course, with the weight of the site itself has a great relationship.

China Internet takeaway food market trend forecast 2016-2018 "report released by Analysys think tank" shows that in 2018 the entire catering market scale will reach 4 trillion, takeaway market size will reach 245 billion 500 million yuan, 3 trillion yuan in the super O2O takeaway food market less than 5% of the permeability. So broad prospects for development, making BAT sh419, Baba, Tencent giant, as well as some other catering enterprises have layout takeaway platform competition, in order to eat takeout O2O market share.


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