VR director of a film for more than 10 years made such a true statement a year laterHow do you ran

, well-known, 70% to 80% of the site access is through the search engine link there. So the first big thing to do when you’ve built a website is to register your web pages with major search engines. Before 1995, it was very simple to register with the world’s search engines, just as we are now registered in Chinese search engines. Today, the world’s major search engines, which have a huge database of data, make it difficult for us to register with these search engines and expect good rankings. Because the operation is not professional, the website, web page registration is valid, keyword search ranking, whether or not, with time, ranking decline, etc., for a long time will haunt our webmaster. We for our web pages disappeared in the vast Internet world and distress, for our ranking and distress.

The importance of


many so-called VR movies are not standard movies at all. For many platforms, there is no standard for judging VR movies

later, I got a lot of VR videos to watch. But after watching it, my feeling is, is it a movie,

, like other people at first, was vague about VR and couldn’t imagine what it would look like.

VR movie, what the hell are we playing? We chatted with a veteran traditional film director.

actually, by now, people with a strong sense of work will question: what’s the point of VR movies?

first of all, the narrative way of VR film and television has changed dramatically compared with the past.

of course, this is also caused by many reasons.

this struggle, tangled, vacant, entangled in the hearts of everyone who do VR, perhaps, this is a way to escape.

"every day after I get up, I ask myself," what’s the point of making VR movies? "

I met VR at the end of 2015.

so many things

" at this stage should be called panoramic narrative, not really VR film and television, but from the traditional film and television to the transition stage of VR film and television."

mentioned a year after VR film and television experience, Qi guide smiled slightly.

VR drama "city Kaidan" director, Huarong, co-founder and chief content Officer CCO Qi Shaohua’s exclusive share took a VR film, I summed up the


take traditional film and television as a contrast, at that time in the domestic VR film and television, I think there is no qualified film.


brand promotion with these moves, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan

Huarong chief content officer Qi Shaohua think so. Prior to this, he has been a director of traditional film and television for more than ten years.


Qi Shaohua directed the VR drama "city Kaidan" by Iqiyi voted millions, each episode exceeded 10 minutes, continuous story exceeded 180 minutes, click on Iqiyi for the VR show the highest, of course, comments are not very nice.

secondly, the development of VR technology is not mature at present, which limits the imagination and play of the director and cameraman to a great extent.

"we’re also struggling, and we’re thinking, too, what’s good about VR," he says."

The following is the

of course, for tech companies, they don’t have these mental disorders when they’re shooting VR movies. But for those who have filmed traditional film and television, there is still a little psychological adaptation in the early stage.

I almost lost my interest in shooting VR movies at that time.

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