How to use the three methods micro blog Wangzhuant’s really hard to say it’s hard to make money on

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: a micro-blog account can be sold, as if now can be sold as a micro-blog account inside the fans many listeners, another micro-blog to have a professional equivalent, so micro-blog accounts tend to sell a good price, but want to sell micro-blog account natural you have several, if only one sold out that they are not did not have to play the

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is that many well-known Internet advanced big glasses off, even Sohu head Zhang Zhaoyang did not see the micro-blog speed, now can only see Tencent, Sina and micro-blog continue to develop and grow, in their own back beat, this is not some time ago also fired some executives of micro-blog so squid! The popular, naturally a huge money effect, there are now many have been using micro-blog to earn a lot of money, in addition to some wisdom, nature also need some methods, methods let the author talk about how to use micro-blog to Wangzhuan

when you hold on for 4 months or even six months, you may earn 500 yuan a month, or you may not earn any money at all. At this point, your mood must be very depressed, boring, and the hard work in the past few months is the result of failure, and everyone is afraid of clinging to it. As a result, many new people have been sacked, after all, online entrepreneurs follow the same 28 laws.


before the micro-blog money, choose a micro-blog portal is crucial, as the upper said Sina and micro-blog Tencent is preferred, because the two portal micro-blog is very high popularity, the Jiangsu TV broadcast Tencent micro-blog special "If You Are The One"! It is very awesome in! After the selection of micro-blog, then begins to find a way to make money

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in short, the Internet business is not really smooth sailing, and when we pay the effort, may not expect as high returns, and want to adhere to the road all the way down is not a simple matter. However, the efforts to estimate will not succeed, but without effort, it certainly will not be

make money online is not true? This is not my answer! Because I itself is a do Wangzhuan part-time, but also a new, I have no reason to doubt the truth of it, unless my first choice is a mistake to consider the results actually, this a few months! Wangzhuan career, let me really feel — Network money project is not so easy to smooth operation of

The popularity of micro-blog

many people build sites for projects, but the latest online project is not for everyone. A few years ago, when Taobao guests just came out, many webmaster simply ignore, and want to do Taobao customers do League, who want to, today 10 webmaster have 8 in doing Taobao guest. So, when we are there mom finally settle on a market, but we went to sh419 search found that this is a red sea! So, we try to find, try to find a blue ocean products, but it is easy to think of? How many Taobao customers? Therefore, in the absence of new contacts no project case, but mining a valuable project is not easy.


whether it’s a real business or a startup on the Internet, the approach is very important. So, everything is hard in the beginning, of a party! However, the couple has just entered the Wangzhuan line, really a bit powerless, is hard! Not to say we don’t study hard, we actually learn than others but also hard to, but we lack a wayshower or a real turn you the teacher, therefore, we learn very hard. We don’t know how to control the Guan Jian word density of the website. We don’t know how to do the website optimization and outside optimization. We even think about a Guan Jian word for a long time. From before you get him some eye-catching words, now we have learned to grab the long tail word, but when we go to search, finally found the long tail word had also done by many people, the long tail word of the first page of the domain name sh419 accounted for 10, this time, our heart is really cool.

two: advertising on micro-blog, this is the best way to make money at micro-blog, some people do CPS advertising, some people are still above the Taobao customers, such as now many L-carnitine slimming products also began advertising by micro-blog, advertising money the main advantage lies in the propagation speed in micro-blog for example, a few days ago, the famous investor Wang Gongquan eloped with micro-blog immediately on the Internet to spread out the speed of the rocket, even now there have been Elopement style to imitate the elopement of Wang Gongquan micro-blog, if the Elopement style above plus a small ad, or a shopping guide recommended, then this is not the money effect can be

new people can’t tap into the most valuable items

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do Wangzhuan lack a method

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three: when your micro-blog operation time are quite influential, so money effect will be better, not even their own to promote, businesses have to take the initiative to find you, for example, now there are many stars in the micro-blog have a wide variety of ads, and micro-blog make money has been widely popular in the middle of a star because they like, such influential micro-blog is often a media center, every day there are thousands of millions of fans watching the election of the main topic of the appropriate advertising, so the daily profit is considerable > final summary: each Wangzhuan Wangzhuan methods emerge in an endless stream, have success, there are losers, and those who fail to occupy the majority, but also for micro-blog Wangzhuan, micro-blog Wangzhuan people can be successfully carried out only a few people, but if you want to become one of the few people, we must first understand how micro-blog’s profit model, and then combined with their own advantages, choose a suitable way to transport.

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