2017 Financial Times commercial Oscar why China is a truck to be selectedWuhan a university student

this is the Wuhan Textile University a group of college students to develop "children’s network", since last year on line, has about 200000 of the amount of visits, the site has become the country’s largest children’s dating platform.

yesterday, the members of the project team, who were participating in the final competition of the Chinese college student entrepreneurship program at the eighth "Challenge Cup" in Shanghai, were interviewed by our reporter.

"now most of the students are products of education for children, we can find the project team from the status quo in inspiration." Project Manager Shi Peng said, "inter generational care reduces the burden of young parents, but some problems should cause the attention of parents."

contributed to the idea of inter generational Education"Children with


cares about global business of the latest readers of the "Financial Times" are not unfamiliar, the financial times Financial Times was founded by James Sheridan and his brother in 1888 of the world famous international financial media. Today it has more than one million and six hundred thousand readers in the United States, Britain, Europe and Asia, and has more than three million and nine hundred thousand online readers each month. 12 years ago, the "Financial Times" the establishment of a global change in Business Award, has become a global emerging market business "Oscar" award, its creation intended for the discovery and recognition of those aims to solve the practical problems in the global scope, and a wide range of commercial breakthrough projects.

Chutian Metropolis Daily News: Children’s interactive activities organized by children’s network information picture

Shi Peng grew up when he was young and brought up by grandma and grandpa. With grandparents living in the countryside, new games, toys, television and less contact, so much compared with the city children, it seems "OUT".

recently, the international authority of the commercial media "Financial Times" Financial Times and the International Financial Corporation IFC released a 12 year history of the business community, "Oscar" in the title of the global change in business award winners, had previously worked for the British Citibank, JP Morgan, China UnionPay issued infrastructure Award 2014, financial change Award 2014, 2015 inclusive business awards and other awards.

has surprised the industry this year by winning two awards for "change infrastructure Achievement Award" and "integrated technical excellence award", which are the big winners of this year’s awards. And the car Gang is also the financial times /IFC change business award the only award-winning Chinese companies, or China’s Internet companies won the honor for the first time.

this year, the truck gang can even take two awards, is undoubtedly China’s science and technology to the world an important event. The prize won’t depend on the whole industry’s impact on the upgrading of China’s logistics industry by freight O2O. Cargo O2O war began in 2015, with the freight car, cargo, Lala, land, whales and other freight O2O platform rise, China’s social logistics total cost and GDP accounted for a sustained downward trend. According to the national development and Reform Commission issued the "2016 national logistics operations briefing" shows that in 2016 the total social logistics costs and GDP ratio of 14.9%, down 1.1 percentage points over the previous year, in 2015 this figure was 0.6.


This news was announced that When

site bridging two struggling children

so Shi Peng and his team found two teachers to confirm the authenticity of the site registration information and then give it back to each other. In the team’s efforts, two families began to spell children: Saturday morning, Mr. Zhang brings two family children, afternoon >

"children with network" opened at the beginning, there are two registered members is a school teacher, the teacher week Saturday morning classes, no one with a child in the family; and another teacher is a class on Saturday afternoon, no one with a child. They searched for each other through the search for the children’s Web site, but the two teachers did not have enough trust in it because it didn’t take long.

if you want to give the child to find a weekend playmate, as long as you enter the requirements of online will soon appear to match the information; if you want to participate in family activities, you can also find a suitable opportunity and platform in the internet.

caused a sensation in the industry, as the roots of the B end of the truck to help share the bike to be concerned in the domestic field of innovation momentum is far lower than the C end, to get this award not only surprise, will be curious, why is the company truck to be selected? What is the value behind it "Financial Times" /IFC? Has been low-key development of freight O2O industry once again people pay attention to it.

first started the project, the team made a survey of children on the internet. At the same time, they also go to primary schools and kindergartens to do on-the-spot investigations. The results show that the vast majority of children are single children and lack of playmates in their spare time. In the 6000 questionnaires issued by teams in Wuhan, Suzhou and Guangzhou, 85% of parents, 78% of children and 63% of children are willing to join the children’s network.

Financial Times favored behind the freight car: freight O2O and China’s logistics industry upgrade


network" project, shortly before the 309 works from 55 colleges and universities in our province in Hubei Province won the talent shows itself, "Challenge Cup" undergraduate business plan competition award, which represents our province to attend the eighth session of the "China college competition challenge cup business plan qualification.

GDP is China logistics industry accounted for.

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