Discussion on several points to improve the site weight principle

, the first regularly updated website good article

site outside the chain second to attract more and better


third, friends of the chain to daily supervision

when a good website ranking, to maintain a good website ranking, how to maintain long-term good website ranking? It is necessary to improve the weight of the website. The weight of the website is what things? The weight of the website search engine is a comprehensive evaluation of the site from 0-9, the greater the value, the higher the weight! So how to improve the weight of the website

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believe that the webmaster as long as do the above four steps, you can make your website weight lifting, you may not believe me, but to believe the truth. Do not believe you can try.


a website without the support of the chain, the site optimization that all stations in the chain, the station on the chain. What kind of the chain is good outside chain? Love Shanghai webmaster new definition, the chain is really the user reproduced is outside the chain, the chain at most sites, are their own hair outside the chain, this website how good weight? You must write the submission based on the related high weight website. Xiaobian like in Admin5, tui18, 28tui published a lot of articles are reproduced by


website only continued good article, in order to attract users and search engines crawl, if you browse the website without long time to attract users and search engine good article, the search engine will think no one website on your website, your website will naturally not in front, influence their search engine user experience. We all think about is the truth, who will make a day without what new content on your site search engine front, like this, who will use their own search engine

chain is an important means to improve the site weight, can be said that a good friend chain to better than 100 the chain effect, looking for friends of the chain must be related, and the site is not right down, the snapshot time, the website of the chain must be timely updates to some low the weight, the website ranking is not good for replacement, some new friends of the chain.

This paper consists of:

fourth, with the focus on search engine changes

The ?

search engine can be said to change more and more quickly, if the previous optimization means you may be right, but now in this way might be right down, so we must follow the search engine change, not behind closed doors!


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