A how to improve the quality of the tree for keywords

4, choose more specific and more obvious keywords

Keywords optimization of the quality of the commercial intention

creative writing is to ensure that the sentence is smooth and complete meaning. High quality creative hand can attract users attention, increase the click rate, on the other hand, is also conducive to enhance the relevance of search words, key words and ideas, so as to enhance the quality of network marketing. An optimization method is creative in originality into the wildcard to get more rosy.

1, optimize the account structure, the account structure reasonably

! creative writing quality improvementThe basic principle of


from the promotion purpose, set up different promotion plan for the implementation of different targets of promotion, and similar meaning, keywords division structure similar to the same promotion unit, according to the keywords of creative writing, and the number of control of each promotion units keywords, to ensure that has high correlation between these key words and ideas. In particular, as far as possible to ensure that all wildcards in every creative.

in general, it is recommended to use the full domain name (such as www.xxx贵族宝贝) as URL, enhance the sense of trust in Internet users at the same time, is convenient for users to enhance memory, your impression. You can also try to adjust the display form of URL,

is an important means to love Shanghai for the account of the optimization, can help you to lower the price on the list to get better, thereby reducing the overall cost of the promotion, improve the rate of return on investment. According to the analysis of the quality of love Shanghai bidding ranking mechanism optimization guidance manual, the relevant keywords ranking and multiple factors, such as quality, creative writing, website quality, believe a lot of friends, but how many people still believe that the specific operation is fuzzy, here to share with you how to improve the quality of bidding keywords.

To optimize the quality of

3, choose the right shows URL

of different users in the use of the same word search, the search may be varied, such as search "prostatitis" netizens may be looking for the treatment of prostatitis hospital, may just want to understand the prevention knowledge of prostatitis. Relatively speaking, search for "the treatment of prostatitis, prostatitis can be cured" netizens clear expression of prostatitis needs more attention and related promotion results are also more likely to visit your site for further understanding.

is a process of trial, need to continue to focus on account of performance, according to different accounts, using effective method. There are many ways of optimizing the quality, welcome friends together to discuss. The original article by 贵族宝贝gzhj-mn贵族宝贝, reproduced please indicate the source!

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