Get inspiration from a set of link building scenes in the movie

(3) the story of viral spread in social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn;

1, begin with the end of action

(2) of our two home page and contains links to a deep page on our website and related anchor text;



(1) our company repeatedly mentioned in an article, so we can through these efforts a little media exposure;

do the work for such a long time the Shanghai dragon optimization in thought and behavior consciousness will inevitably have some fixed content, speaking of thought of high quality, high original, on the same link, or the quantity and quality and so on, in the end how to do a good job in Shanghai Longfeng? The author when watching movies in the United States. In the process, suddenly thought of Shanghai Longfeng link building is also able to do so, and we share.

· single features: our content must be based on

Shanghai, the industry is very competitive, the best method is to collect more information industry, so we need to start our intelligence work, careful analysis of the target, by checking the link type file, we need to determine the content of

every great marketing operation began in an objective, for this task I set a high expectations for more high quality and effective link.

these seemingly impossible task goal is clear, we realize that we need super virus content, new and exciting things.

intelligence collection

· easy to understand: a lot of Shanghai Longfeng personnel or search marketing staff will write a variety of professional Shanghai Longfeng technology or some outdated terminology, but the content is really each reader can understand? Search marketing personnel to write the story must be easy, can make the broader business the audience who understand understand.


see this figure anything else out I like to talk about the misunderstanding of black hat Shanghai dragon, the clue is intended landing true and legitimate edit links from a trusted website, the highest authority on the planet, this is a Shanghai dragon or Rehe marketing staff Dou Meng wants to come true facts.

your mission, should you choose to accept it, as a content editor, you should not only do some site updates, you also should make editing more valuable, more effective links to a website.

(4) from the search engine optimization to create a 10% uplift in the overall steady flow of our.


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