Eight causes down the right site and included the decline which you meet

is my personal experience, the update rate and the frequency has a great impact on your weight, but this effect is not overnight, but slowly change, and even make people imperceptibly.

2, update rate and decreased frequency of

love Shanghai suggestions:

however, love Shanghai does not require each site of each article are original, but also very welcome simple collection articles. Shanghai love view is that the station can be documented, that is to determine the theme, the contents related to the collection, and then through the collation, and then generate the. This article is not original, but also love Shanghai recognized. Now many of the best websites are using this way to edit the article.

To improve the quality of the contents of

3, timeliness of information lost

1 decreased the quality of content

website content quality and website weight has a very close relationship, in the long run, the weight of the website is supported by web content, rather than what the Shanghai dragon means.

search engine is designed to provide users with good and valuable things, therefore, love Shanghai very much attention to the content of the site quality.

, to do a simple copy, the integration of information.

eight causes down the right site and included the decline

to my station as an example, the daily 12 thousand IP half a year ago, but after half a year only 10 thousand on the daily IP. If you look at the daily flow chart, won’t really find what changes, but if the time span is elongated, you will find the change of the data is surprising. I know the reason, is the site of the update frequency decreased. Half a year ago, the daily release of 2 and 3, but it was changed to 5 per month, 6. Update frequency drops have a negative impact on the website weight slowly, IP less.

your website is not a lot of hot news website information? If you more time, so once the message disappears, will inevitably lead to the website included drop after drop in traffic has become a natural thing.



love Shanghai suggestions:

check the website weight and included quantity change, almost become a habit of webmaster. Sensitive nerve changes in Web site every time data have touched the webmaster, if the change is bigger, webmaster will become no longer calm, sometimes happy and sometimes lost. Today I love Shanghai webmaster college one article about the decline in the index, benefit, and then copied some experience and personal, and all share.

update frequency stability, content development, expand the editorial team to produce more new content, let the Web index decrease, continued to increase. (when the update frequency and volume decreased significantly, so the quota will decrease, the first performance capture frequency decreased, resulting in decreased

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