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related domain we use domain command to check out, in a lot of query tools in the relevant domain as a chain of love Shanghai. In fact, this is a mistake, love Shanghai related domain is each website content contains the URL of the content that can address the link or text address, the anchor text is not included. For the keyword ranking effect is not great. Now love Shanghai webmaster tools is very strong, which can have a love of the Shanghai chain query tool, you can use.

3. love Shanghai related domain


or other large mass link address released in no correlation with your own website platform, no contribution and without any effect on the website promotion. Such links belong to spam links.

Page > 3.

site map (sitemap) shows the structure of the site, the index page column and description of the basic information, when the search engine spider crawling to your site can quickly understand the content of the website, the website map is divided into two formats. HTML format and XML format, HTML format is a static page, mainly for users. The XML format is the direction of the search engine spiders crawl the content, convenient. The website must establish the site map, convenient for users to search engine spiders to quickly find the content of our website. But that is not absolute, if the content of the website is simple, can carry the content quickly, I can’t add site map. Also according to demand.

1. appeared mainly in the forum and blog comments and messages and no contribution value.

The characteristics of

4. spam links

2. generation (mainly refers to the collection page page generated links).

spam links:

1. error link

in Shanghai dragon’s journey, we must be familiar with the common nouns in Shanghai dragon. We usually term is also confusing.

2. site map

wrong link with dead link is not a mean error link is a link does not exist. The difference between the error link and death link: the wrong link is used for the negligence of the user, input link error, the requested link does not exist. Is the site of the original normal dead link access, modify or delete data because the site does not exist to access this page links not website. Such as: user input to the domain name spelling errors, URL address error, URL suffix more or less slash, letter size URL address appears problems caused by incomplete matching etc.. Appeared as the love of Shanghai is so big search engines have the wrong link and dead links, is mostly due to the user resulting in added time. Our signature in the choice of space that choose to have 404 support functions, in which can make the error page to reduce the flow and churn problem.

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